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Mega Brain Boosting Green Blend

This DIY blend, much like Mind Food, is packed with ingredients containing nootropic and adaptogenic super properties. And yes, we LOVE nootropics -- specifically what we like to call Culinary Nootropics [aka. food with nootropic powers] which are known to enhance brain function, including focus, memory and mental clarity  ---- which for us, is very useful, er, essential for living in the modern world! 

Matcha Superfood Waffles [RECIPE]

You had me at Matcha. If you, like me, are a little -- er, hooked(?) on this epic green high vibes food, step on over to the even greener side my friend -- matcha lattes are soooo yesterday... Matcha waffles though, hello. 

How to Boost Your Brain and Mental Health

You need a healthy brain for you to function and live your life well. Everyone needs to be mentally healthy and sharp, and having a good memory is a must. You can do a lot to boost your brain power, no matter what your age is. Here are some tips you can follow: