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The idea of women coming together and sharing is not something new.  However, largely due to current societal standards - do more, be more, and so on - this idea has had to take the back seat. The exciting news is that this is changing! The need for community to share and support each other is taking precedence once again. So, every month we get together to do just this with an amazing group of women, all with a passion for the wellness community. The idea behind "goddess brunches" (created by our beautiful friend Sasha Nelson) is to come together, outside of the many wellness events we all attend, and share nourishing food and deep conversation - not as work, but as a celebration of friendshipself care and expression.

At our most recent brunch we really focussed on the idea of self care - what do we do to find balance and self-love beyond the obvious of simply eating well? This topic really resonated with us, and we wanted to share everyone's tips with you.

Please feel open and share yours too! 

Anna Gannon [pictured above] - @annagannonyoga

"Self Care Tip: Meditation + Thankfulness Practice. Everyday I meditate for 20 minutes and at the end of my meditation I do a Thankfulness Practice. This includes me imagining myself hugging every person in my life. I visualize myself hugging each person one by one and just simply thanking them for being a part of my life. This practice has helped me to feel more grounded, connected and grateful." 

Sasha Nelson - @sashayogawellness

"Self Care Tip: Something I've enjoyed incorporating into my self-care routine is giving my muscles quick massages with oil like sesame or avocado before and after a shower. It's a thoughtful way to give the body some much deserved attention and appreciate it for all the work it does for us, plus it feels awesome and increases circulation to smooth out uncomfortable kinks. Another practice has been simply to lighten up around my self-work (inspired by goddess Alyson Charles of Rockstar Shaman), like not kicking myself for missing a day meditation or eating something I wouldn't normally eat. When we accept ourselves as we are instead of continually trying to "better ourselves," we can more easily extend that non-judgement toward others. Namaste y'all."

Alyson Charles - @rockstarshaman

"Self Care Tip: self care for me lately has honestly been about easing OFF doing healing work. I get so focused on my mission and aiming to be of highest greatest service that I can do too much healing on myself! So I've been focused lately on balance, moments of pause, and allowing in a more "human" side to life and experiencing more of the magic that NYC has to offer."

Ksenia Avdulova - @digitalgirlboss @breakfastcriminals

"Self Care Tip: Every week I schedule at least one night in for a spa date with myself! That includes a bath with essential oils, bath salt, candles and high vibrational mantra music in the background. After the bath, I scrub my body with a yummy smelling scrub made by my friend Joy Connector, and smother my body in Organic Bath body oil, followed by herbal tea lovingly made by local herbalist Olivia Clementine and journaling. Besides my regular journal, I've been keeping a daily moon journal guided by my incredible mentor Summer Quashie

Jessica Meltzer - @groundedgoddesskitchen

"Self Care Tip: to me, self-care is all about knowing when to say "yes" ... but also when to say "no". I find that as a society, we're extremely dialed-in, so it's important to know when you need to get out there and have a little fun, but also when your body's need of some serious R&R. I'm also a huge advocate of getting off your phones whenever possible! We could all use a digital detox."

Jaycee Gossett - @jayceegossettdance

"Self Care Tip: Every morning I start my gratitude prayers to the universe in my bed :) These prayers give me a chance to be quite and set the tone for the day. They carry me up to the kitchen to make my Parsley Health Green Rebuild drink as infuse my intentions into my body (one scoop of  Rebuild Shake + one scoop of Vibrant Health Green Vibrance  mixed with water, fresh organic grapefruit juice and a dose of magic) Fueled and energized I am ready to get a deeply clearing and transformative sweat on at the class whether I am teaching the class or taking the class,  I move my body every day to sweat, awaken, cleanse and empower myself to the fullest."

Emily Nachazel - @emilynachazel

"Self Care Tip: Schedule it in! I know if I don't schedule my self-care time, it doesn't happen. I put my yoga classes on my Google Calendar, but also "down time." Yes, it sounds silly, but this way it actually happens... Current self care routine: Morning meditation, some sort of physical movement, journaling. I also try to work these in once a week or at least once a month: acupuncture and floating (read about what this is + my experience here)!

Natalie Khun - @thisisnatalie

"Self Care Tip:  If you can bike instead of drive, bike. If you can run instead of bike, run. If you can walk instead of run, walk. Slow things down, take life in..." [photo credit: Catalina Kulzcar]

Sappho Hatzis - @_sappho_

"Self Care Tip: let yourself have fun & do joyful things! (Also dry skin brush ;)"

Klara Mudge - @bothsidesbuttered

"Self Care Tip: Taking the time to make yourself feel good.

The great irony that many of us still don't really fully get is that putting time and energy into your physical and mental health is actually not a waste of time at all - it's one of the most important investments you can ever make. A thing I'm into lately is taking myself out to early breakfast or a leisurely coffee somewhere cool, usually with a nice view, no electronics, and a decent playlist in the background.

Showing up for yourself is vital.  Start today. Be creative"


Heidi Kristoffer - @heidikristoffer 

"Self Care Tip: I make time once a week to go to a yoga class with a teacher who makes me feel inspired, supported and nurtured. As a new mom to twins, it feels decadent and indulgent, but it fully recharges my batteries, and allows me to be a better mom, wife, teacher, friend and human"


Willow Jarosh - @cjnutrition 

"Self Care Tip: I live 30 blocks from my office, and I've been walking home from work at the end of the day. This started in October as I felt the chill of winter approaching. Because I'm a warm weather girl, I thought that if I could do something to get myself outside each day, that would help me learn to enjoy the winter more (or at least tolerate it). So, I started walking home from work. These walks did help me adjust to the cold better (i.e. fear the cold less). I also discovered even more benefits. I use this time to reflect on my day, plan dinner, and just people watch/daydream. I often meet up with my boyfriend and we walk together, which is a nice way to catch each other up on the day's events. The walk gives me exercise and gets me moving after being desk-bound much of the day, it gives me a boost of fresh air (especially nice during cold/flu season), and it provides a relaxing buffer between work and home. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I might add a walk TO work into the mix as well"

 Fern Langham - @fernolivia

"Self Care Tip: I believe self-care rituals are habits made holy. I created Radiance Alchemy, a luxurious blend of pure plant-honored therapeutic essential oils to bring balance and support to my thyroid and adrenals - my clients love it too! It's a daily reminder to trust my inner voice and gifts. I roll it on my 5th chakra every morning before my meditation practice while reciting the mantra: "I trust my voice. I am powerful." It's like a mini massage and the peppermint is so refreshing! #thyroid #expert learn more at:"

Elisa Bluming - @blumingstudio

"Self Care Tip: After battling with both public transportation and finding time for cardio workouts, I made a commitment to walk to or from work at least 3 times a week. This has been great for my body, mind and wallet!"

Nicole Chaszar - @nicchaz @splendidspoonNY

"Self Care Tips: Taking an extra minute to sit with a happy thought about myself or my work.  Self-love needs time to take root and grow!"

Hilary Pearson - @jewelsofadreamer

"Self Care Tip: asking for support when I need it and not being in the mindset that I have to do it all on my own + making the time and space to get ready for the day, putting on inspiring music, doing my makeup and picking out an outfit that lights me up is energy-building and makes me feel ready for wherever the day may take me!"

Marisa Thrasher - @fitnessandfoolishness

"Self Care Tip: Turning off the phone so I can't check texts/emails when i'm already feeling overwhelmed !"

Daphne Cheng - @exhibitcny @_daphnecheng

"Self Care Tip: My self care is taking moments throughout the day, without really disrupting too much of what I'm doing, but just being mindful and present in that moment." [YES -- as you will see below, us too, us too!]

Paige Bourassa MSTOM L.Ac - @theacuchick

"Self Care Tip: 4-7-8 Breathing and Meditation. I used to race around the city between patients and appointments never noticing that I didn't take a deep breath until one day I almost hyperventilated... then I pulled out the stop sign and learned meditation and 4-7-8 breathing. GAME CHANGER. I am more calm, focused, present and aware then I've ever been before which allows me to give more Qi to everyone around me and the peeps I treat. I do meditation twice a day for 20mins each time, and 4-7-8 breathing when I'm worked up in between. Slowing your brain down is the best self care!
Here's how"

Christine Dunst & Stephanie Rapp - @embodywellnesscompany

"Self Care Tip: Pursue YOUR Creativity: Whatever ignites your spark–a hobby, a new book, learning something you are passionate about, drawing/art, cooking, music, etc.  DO IT. Even 5 minutes will help you turn off your chatter and grow..." [more tips here!]

Jasmin Jenkins - @loveoverfears @shethinx

"Self Care Tip: I carry lavender essential oil with me wherever I go. Whenever I notice myself getting particularly stressed or anxious, I take it out, breathe deeply and ground myself in the present moment. I also set daily reminders on my phone that go off and  remind me to "practice mindful breathing." These are little rituals that help me honor myself throughout the work day."

And ours!  

Lianna -  @lulitonix @luliluvskale

"Self Care Tip: Take breaks. As in Plural! No matter how much you have to get done, no matter how frenetic everything seems, there is always a way to just stop for 10 minutes here and there, and just be still. Go outside, look at the sky, or close your eyes and imagine the beach, or the mountains, or wherever you love. Or just breathe. Doing this frequently really helps you to stave of that feeling of overwhelmed-ness that we ALL know too well, and counterintuitive though it may be, the more you have to do, the more little breaks you should take"

Paige -  @lulitonix @teaforpaige

"Self Care Tip: Other than "breathe more" -- I'm actively scheduling daily 'me' time -- even if only 30 minutes a day, to just feel all my 'feels' sans all electronics (whoever invented 'silent' mode on the iphone - I THANK YOU!!). 

And hugs, as many as I can give & recieve - every single day (and REAL hugs, not that pat-on-the-back BS). I also end my night with a hot drink, either tea or a healing turmeric concoction, it's pure bliss. 

Pamela - @lulitonix @pamelalinke 

"Self Care Tip: After each shower, I lovingly massage natural almond oil into my skin. This practice (which originally began out of the need to keep my skin nourished during the harsh winter weather!) has become a daily ritual for me. Nothing else puts me more in touch with myself and how I am feeling each day, and I cannot imagine showering and skipping this step no matter how rushed I may be"

Written by Team LuliTonix — March 14, 2016

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