by Erin Sykes, Founder Mission 360


There’s a reason I was never a gym rat; the equipment. I need a physical practice that is accessible, travels with me, and can be done anywhere, and at any time. I started by running; I would learn every city I traveled to on foot, sans headphones, so as to experience the world around me. As my joints began to fatigue, however, I moved to yoga, rolling out my mat in hotel rooms, on patios, near any body of water I could find, or just in my living room. Don’t get me wrong; I love joining studio classes, too, especially heated ones, but sometimes it’s just not possible (time, geography, cost, schedule, etc.) Thus, I developed a flexible home practice with the help of a few tools:

  1. Create your space. Get a great mat, light candles… most importantly, prioritize and sanctify your practice. When you roll out your mat at home or on the road, you are in your own studio, so be there! Put your phone away. Resist the urge to multitask. This is your time. Make boundaries with yourself so you can get the most from your practice.
  1. Focus on you alignment first. This is important in-studio or at-home. Don’t feel pressured to push yourself in to a pose that you don’t feel warm enough for or simply not ready for. Often, in group settings peer pressure sets in and we do things that we otherwise wouldn’t do alone. Thus, it’s nice as a beginner to take a few weeks of home practice to acquaint yourself with the terminology and alignment cues before heading to a studio.
  1. Try a video-on-demand service like Mission 360 that offers guided classes from top instructors.
  1. Add a playlist. Once you are comfortable with following online instruction or creating your own flow; stream your favorite playlist to make it feel personal.
  1. Add meditation. Begin or end your yoga practice with at least 5 minutes of seated meditation. Build to a longer practice, noting the endless benefits of a regular mindfulness practice, from stress-reduction to increasing gray- matter density. 
  1. Practice with friends. Dedicate to Sundays to yoga and brunch on the patio. Or when traveling for work, team up with a colleague to do a morning flow before meetings start. 

The best part about practicing on your own schedule is that you choose what your body needs that day. It’s completely personalized; from location to time to sequence.

If you are looking to try online yoga, pilates, fusion fitness or meditation classes, check out Mission 360. One-on-one coaching is also available to enhance and empower your experience.




Written by Guest Blogger — May 26, 2016


Yoga Guru Amit Kaushik said:

Doing yoga at your home is considered a vital part of deepening your personal practice. Nice Post. :)

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