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Stop the Presses! Drum roll please... We are thrilled (insert over-the-moon/ecstatic/crazy happy) to announce, officially, that our Chia Line is here! And that in a very short amount of time, more amazing chia potions will be announced (along with new retail partners). We're just pretty darn obsessed with Chia right now, could you tell?  Can we gush a little more and formally introduce our amazing new line of CHIA Power Potions?  

  • Chia Gold: The Chia gold has a large amount of Turmeric and Ginger, truly some of the most healing foods in the world. 
  • Chia X: The Chia X is a power boost of Maca, Cacao and Hemp Protein, 3 other amazing foods with myriad benefits. 
  • Chia Joe: And the Chia Joe--well that's more of a healthy powerful Chia-filled way to serve your latte craving :)
  • Chia Life: Well this isn't a new blend--it's an old and dear fave! But we would be remiss to not include it. 

Chia is just such an amazing food--It provides increased hydrationendurance and recovery and great protein composition. Chia has a perfect ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber, a plethora of omega oils, and stabilizes blood sugar (sayonara insulin spikes!)...its just a real little powerhouse!  

We also have become more infatuated (because our hearts have room for more than JUST Kale and Chia!) with using various super-powered rootsherbs,spices, and super foods. So what could be better than creating a line where we combine Chia --in the form of a Chia/Cashew milk base with some of these to create TRUE raw superfood blends in every sense--that are fillingaddictively delicious, and just incredibly healthynourishing and restorative

We wanted potions that would be perfect for breakfast, an after workout recovery drink, or for an afternoon pick me up. And Voila! Oh and the chia on top? We are really excited to have you try them and get some Chia Love going--so we will be giving a FREE gift of JoeX or Gold with every online order for the next few weeks!* (offer ends Feb 21, 2014)

Peace, Love + Chia,


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Written by Team LuliTonix — January 31, 2014

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