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Now here's something sweet, simple and (ahem!) a little sexy too!

Maca - an amazing adaptogenic superfood root from Peru, is believed, among many things,  to increase energy, balance hormones, and protect your adrenal system --and is a potent aphrodisiac! Need more convincing? 

Maca is a nutritionally dense super-food that contains high amounts of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and all of the essential amino acids. Maca root is rich in B-vitamins, which are the energy vitamins, and maca is a vegetarian source of B-12. To boot, maca has high levels of bioavailable calcium and magnesium and is great for remineralization... (Read more here).

Now that we have that out of the way, here's a very simple raw, vegan, paleo-friendly and organic recipe, to get your whole body feeling loved up in no time!



4 Tbsp Raw Organic Maca Powder

1 Cup Shredded Organic Coconut or Almond Meal

1 Tbsp Vanilla  Pinch Himalayan Salt

1/3 Cup Raw Unrefined Coconut Oil 

3 Tbsp Maple Syrup (Or sweetener of choice!)  

Simply mix all the ingredients together, (I just throw it all in a large bowl), along with coconut oil (melted at room temperature), mix, roll into balls, sprinkle with coconut (or cacao nibs), and place to set in the freezer for 15 minutes. Presto!

All of these ingredients can be altered to suit taste. We also recommend adding cacao nibs, golden berries or goji berries for a little extra yumminess! I added a dash of Chia Gold while making this, to cut back on the coconut oil, but it's a very flexible recipe!  


PS. Go easy on these balls, they're very powerful! (#MacaHigh!)  AND keep them stored in the fridge. 

Written by Paige Gregor — March 11, 2014

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