If there’s one cool, hip, (need we say handsome?) yogi dude, you should get to know it’s Patrick Beach. The LA based yogi visited our snow globe, also known as NYC, last week and held a “Pop Up and Take Flight” workshop at Pure West. If any of you happen to already follow him on instagram you will see a plethora of videos and pictures of him popping and flying, all on his hands, in differently locations, with no shirt on. No complaints here!

As an intermediate level yogi enrolled in my 200 hour teacher training, I must admit I was nervous and slightly embarrassed going into the class with the fear that I still cannot hold a hand stand in the middle of the room, or on my fingertips, or with my legs in a pretzel. (ahem, Patrick). Patrick walked into the studio with his worn jean jacket, bare feet, and Brooklyn Nets tank and stated “sooo….I really miss my cat. (as if we needed another reason to love him) And today we actually aren’t focusing on handstands, but the tools we need to get there.” 

(HALLELUJAH!) We focused on opening up our upper back, our scapulas, while dancing through a vigorous vinyasa flow. After an hour of side plank holds, crow, and chair poses, Patrick instructed us to move to a wall where we can work on, but weren’t forced, to go upside down. As the class came to an end and savasana slowly crept up on us, it was then I realized that the fear that I was holding when I walked into the room had disappeared somewhere along the flow. I had completely surrendered and let go of the doubt that no longer served me. I was beaming with happiness. 

That’s what yoga is; leading your own journey and paving your path to success. That may not be upside down just yet, or maybe ever, but knowing we have the tools that get us there. Appreciating the breath that moves us, the patience that serves us, and the strength that holds us. When we let go of fear, and let our intuition guide us, it is then that we give ourselves the ability to grow internally as spiritual beings.

That, my friends, is yoga.


Katie xo

PS. SPOTTED: Patrick chugging a Chia X :) #BlendyFriends 

Written by Katherine Deicke — March 19, 2014


Erika Morrotta said:

Nicely said! Best wishes in all your yoga endeavors.

Laura Cortese said:

What an inspirational piece! So proud of you and your uplifting view on life and goals! Your motivation makes you even more beautiful than you already are!

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