It’s not often I get excited about visiting London for the weather — but honestly after this winter, I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of New York, to anywhere even 5 degrees warmer! To my great pleasure, London put it on for me! Well, spring - finally arrived (of course it also arrived in NYC that very minute I stepped away — but minor details ha!). The other reason for my excitement? To check out London’s buzzing wellness scene! 

A year ago, there certainly were a plethora of great places to juice and dine at, but you had to really go on an (epic) adventure to find an organic, raw GREEN juice in London (or be in the know!) — even Whole Foods, didn’t offer any badass (or basic, for that matter!) pressed green juices - and truth be told, it still doesn’t —but so many other amazing places now do! And to my greatest happiness - blends! It’s very early days here, but I can tell things are moving fast, and the plant-based market in good old London town is on the up and up! Not to mention in some cases, ahead of New York! 

The UK is home to so, so many amazing wellness bloggers, yogi experts, incredible eco clothing companies, and the greatest initiatives for ‘conscious consumerism’ — pretty much every product I noshed on or bought, was packaged in recyclable materials, fair-trade, ethical, or marketed to bring awareness to a good cause. This makes my heart positively leap with happiness— a movement to truly get excited about, and where we have room to grow here in NYC. 

While New York does more than feed our green juice (and blend), fitness, wellness and health food addiction — what it doesn’t do like London however, is ethical consumerism, oh and ready made raw food companies! London is rapidly becoming a bit of a raw foodie mecca, you just have to know where to get it! Speaking of which, I probably should have paid Planet Organic rent for my stay! Oh…wait, actually I pretty much did! London really seems to know how to do raw, particularly raw on the go very well. With an abundance of raw chocolate companies (see list), (un)baked goods, sandwiches, and more, my body was pretty darn happy.

**The one thing that did baffle me however, and I didn’t get to the bottom of it, but without going to a specialty store, it is really difficult to get hold of organic produce. (Maybe the harsh pesticides we use in America, aren’t the case in UK farming?) A year ago, however, I could find organic greens in Marks and Sparks , Sainsbury’s and even in some cases Tesco! — though this isn't as easy now! From what I gather, it’s a pricing issue and organic is simply too expensive in the UK market - anyone know? Very curious!  

Moving on! Without further rambles from me, here’s my Top 10 London Wellness brands, raw food brands, and must try juice, blend & dine companies! — and a LOT of pictures. 

London, you have my heart! #NomNom




  1. Aduna World
  2. Raw Imagination
  3. The Good Life Eatery
  4. Planet Organic
  5. Wild Food Cafe
  6. Conscious Chocolate
  7. Om Bar
  8. Roots & Bulbs
  9. Goldie's Fresh Pro-juice
  10. Neal's Yard



Written by Paige Gregor — April 05, 2014

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