In honor of #FeelFabFeb and the launch of The Fhitting Room's brand new Flatiron studio, we thought it would be fun to share some of the ways the FHITfam LIVE FHIT every day. Read along and you just might find yourself opting for a brisk walk rather than clicking that Uber app tomorrow! 

Kari Saitowitz, Founder - I love engaging my boys in physical activities, including playing baseball,  football and soccer, jumping on a trampoline, leading them in exercises at home and skiing as a family. My  favorite part about skiing since starting high intensity  interval training, is that I can now snowboard and/or ski hard for four long days in a row without experiencing any muscle soreness, which is a far cry from when I took up snowboarding 15 years ago and couldn’t even laugh without suffering pain from soreness!

Eric Salvador, El Capitán – I play pick up games of basketball with my son and do gymnastics with my daughter. I also go biking, run in local roadrunner races in Central Park and have been known to show off my moves Latin dancing. Samba anyone? 

String – I LIVE FHIT by walking instead of using public transportation.  We live in the best city in the world to walk in, and I love getting lost in all the culture that New York has to offer. I also make an effort to get as much rest as I can, and I try to get my FHIX at least 3 days a week outside teaching my other classes. 

Julia Avery - I try to walk everywhere I can – to and from work, to the grocery store, to the gym – and feel fortunate to live in a city that allows me to do that. Living on the 6th floor of a walk-up also forces me to LIVE FHIT every day, or else I’d never make it up to my apartment! 

Ben Wegman – I jump into power and bikram yoga classes whenever I get the chance. I run to catch the subway. I’ve been known to dance my a@s off with friends on the occasional Friday or Saturday night out. 


Pssst! The Fhitting Room offer a buy one get one free deal to all new clients.  Each class costs $35, so it is a great way to try out a few classes and see if you like it before buying a package. :)

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                Written by Team LuliTonix — February 02, 2015

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