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As part of #FeelFabFeb we asked our inspirational friend Catherine Cuello of GreenHopping App to share with us her everyday tips for feeling fabulous (and being mindful). Ps. Did we mention how in love with this App we are? LOVE.


These are simple tips I've mastered throughout out the years that REALLY help me manage this city especially. 

  • A morning mindful 5 minute meditation / positive affirmations

  • Powered green smoothie in the morning with berries (50 oz)

  • Lots of water

  • Raw veggies to munch on during the day with whole grains or sprouted bread // season with herbs and spices to bring out tastiness 

  • Homemade all greens juice or store bought organic / freshly pressed or cold pressed green juice (at least 1-2 a day for mental clarity)

  • Positive affirmations throughout your work day

  • A walk back home to ease off the day

  • If you ride the subway, wear ear plugs!!

  • Yoga or a grounding activity like walking around the block a couple of times to clear your mind

  • Being mindful about when you go from one activity to the next - give your body enough time to pause before jumping into another assignment

  • Feeling thankful for simple things like having 2 legs to walk, ears to listen, eyes to appreciate the beauty around us, and fingers to write emails or feel things....


    Written by Team LuliTonix — February 02, 2015

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