In celebration of #FeelFabFeb (and V-day, of course), we’ve decided to spotlight 28 of our favorite aphrodisiac foods. You may have already been following our aphrodisiac-a-day journey on social media, but we’re loving our #lovefoods so much we just had to give them a more permanent home!
# 1: Almonds

Once upon a time almonds were regarded as fertility symbols, and their aroma was believed to arouse passion in the fairer sex. Today we also know almonds are a great energy booster (to help get you going) and support heart health (which helps keep you going)!
# 2: Truffles

Not the chocolate type (but more on that later!) – the earthy, black ethereal sort. Combining rarity and extravagance with a stimulating musky scent, truffles have long been believed to arouse both the palate AND the body.
# 3: Basil

Often used as a natural headache remedy, this fragrant herb can help cure ALL kinds of headaches (wink wink). Basil puts you in the mood by warming you up, getting your circulation going, and producing a general sense of well being. Perhaps this explain why Italians are so romantic…

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# 4: Vanilla

Both the aroma and flavor of vanilla are believed to increase desire. So light some vanilla scented candles, splash on some vanilla perfume, or add some vanilla bean to your dessert – we guarantee there will be nothing “vanilla” about your evening.

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# 5: Chili peppers

Two words: RED HOT. Chili peppers spice up your (love) life by sending body temp and heart rate soaring, increasing blood flow, stimulating nerve endings, and telling the brain to release endorphins – and as Elle Woods taught us, endorphins make you happy.

# 6: Avocados

Their aphrodisiac reputation dates back to the Aztecs, who named them after a certain part of male anatomy they happen to resemble (hint: they grow in pairs). The Aztecs believed so strongly in the aphrodisiac powers of avocados that virgin maidens were not allowed outdoors during their harvest. Catholic priests in Spain found them so sexy, they outlawed their consumption altogether. So what it is about avocados that make them so sexual? Aside from their (ahem) suggestive shape, avocados are bursting with vitamin E and healthy fats, which play a role in sex hormone production, boost your immune system (to keep you feeling good), and support healthy skin and hair (to keep you looking good)!

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#7: Watermelon

This one’s for the boys! Watermelon contains citrulline, which relaxes blood vessels (much like a certain blue pill does) and speeds up circulation – so you'll get more aroused in less time. And since 93% of this melon is – you guessed it! – water, it’s also a great way to rehydrate after..

# 8: Bananas

Their shape is suggestive in itself (we all remember sex ed). But bananas also contain potassium, B vitamins, and an enzyme called bromelain, which support heart health, boost energy levels, and enhance sex hormone production – so you’ll be all set to, well, go bananas ;)

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# 9: Pine nuts

Used for centuries as an ingredient in love potions, pine nuts were believed to be powerful because of the immense effort required to procure them from pine cones. Modern times have since taught us that these babies are bursting with zinc, which promotes male potency.

# 10: Arugula

This peppery plant will certainly add some spice to your love life! Popular among the Ancient Romans – who went so far as to actually declare it a fertility god – and their Greek neighbors, we now know that arugulas aphrodisiac qualities are attributable to its’ trace minerals and antioxidants, which help stem the influx of environmental toxins that could negatively affect libido.

# 11: Coffee

Innuendo alone is enough to put coffee on our little list of love foods. Think about it – what do you do at your door at the end of a good date (other than kiss!)? You invite that person up for some “coffee”, of course :) Plus, the caffeine in coffee will raise your heart rate, increase blood flow, elevate your mood and give you a boost of energy – perfect preparation for an all-nighter.

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# 12: Pomegranate 

[photo courtesy of Erica Graff]

Some believe the fruit that tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was actually a pomegranate. It’s not hard to see why this fruit would be “forbidden”: their bright red color and abundant seeds immediately conjure up notions of sexuality and fertility. They also derive some passion-inducing power from their many antioxidants, which support increased blood flow.

# 13: Chocolate

[photo courtesy of Erica Graff]

An oldie but a goodie (literally!), chocolate contains substances that help induce feelings of happiness, well-being, relaxation, attraction – even love <3. The darker the chocolate, the better (or better yet, go for the hard stuff: straight cacao).

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# 14: Maca

Arguably the sexiest of the superfoods, this Peruvian root is most famous for its libido lifting powers. It's also believed to balance hormones and boost energy, making it the perfect aphrodisiac trifecta.

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# 15: Strawberries

[photo courtesy of Erica Graff]

Their aphrodisiac reputation dates back to Ancient Rome, where the strawberry was a symbol of the love goddess Venus. It’s easy to see why: red, heart-shaped, and studded with seeds, strawberries are fitting symbols of love and fertility. Legend has it that breaking a double strawberry in half will bring true love to you and whomever you share it with...

# 16: Figs

[photo courtesy of Erica Graff]

These sweet, chewy treats have been associated with love, fertility and sexuality as far back as Ancient Greece – and it’s easy to see why. Curvy, plump, and bursting with seeds, they clearly look the part.

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# 17: Asparagus

[photo courtesy of Erica Graff]

Aside from the (ahem) suggestive shape, the vitamin E in these sexy stalks is beauty boosting - hello, gorgeous hair, skin and nails! - and is also said to rev up sex hormone production.

# 18: Anise

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed this star-shaped plant had special powers – including, of course, aphrodisiac powers. Sucking on the seeds is said to increase desire. As an added bonus, anise serves as a natural breath freshener (the better to kiss you with, my dear).

# 19: Goji berries

In Chinese medicine these berries are used to strengthen the adrenal system, which is believed to be the center of sexual energy. Its no wonder they’re called “happy berries” in China :). The Chinese even have a proverb warning that “he who travels one thousand kilometers from home should not eat goji.”

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# 20: Walnuts

By supporting a healthy heart and good circulation, walnuts can help keep blood flowing to ALL the right places. So you can, well, go nuts ;)

# 21: Pumpkin seeds

These babies are bursting with zinc, which is needed for sex hormone production. Zinc also helps keep you looking and feeling good by supporting immune function, healthy skin and happiness!

# 22: Olive oil

The Greeks have long believed in the aphrodisiac powers of this Mediterranean diet staple. Loaded with healthy fats, olive oil helps support heart health, blood flow, and hormone production – all essential ingredients for a healthy sex life.

# 23: Garlic

This is one “hot” herb. Garlic warms the body and promotes better blood flow. Just make sure both parties partake in the garlicky goodness – or keep some mints handy :)

# 24: Ginger

By warming the body and stimulating the circulatory system, this powerful spice can really help things heat up.

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# 25: Artichokes

Greek mythology suggests that artichokes originated out of desire. As the story goes, when the god Zeus was betrayed by the beautiful mortal Cynara, he transformed the object of his affection into the tough thistle we now call an artichoke. Some also feel that the way an artichoke is eaten is sexy in its own right – peeling away leaves like one might strip away clothing and inhibitions.

# 26: Cinnamon

In Ancient Rome the word for cinnamon was used to mean sweetheart or darling. This warming spice heats up your body – and, in turn, your sex life. A bit of cinnamon oil (ahem) south of the border is also believed to produce powerful sexual stimulation.

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# 27: Cherries

Red, plump, juicy, sweet… need we say more? We may not have to, but we will anyway :) It is said that some cherries stimulate pheromone production. They also contain potassium (needed for sex hormone production) and antioxidants (which help keep your skin glowing and gorgeous)!

# 28: Beets 

In Ancient Rome these red roots were considered so sexy, the Lupanare brothel in Pompeii actually has pictures of beets on its’ walls. With boron for sex hormone production, nitrates that help increase blood flow, and tryptophan and betaine to get you feeling good… it’s easy to see why.


Written by Team LuliTonix — February 04, 2015

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