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Without this becoming too much of a tribute to just how amazing we think Mahri Relin is, we'll just say this: Mahri is insanely fabulous. And if you're yet to meet her, or experience a Body Conceptions class, you absolutely MUST. 

In fact, we almost didn't want to share her FFF tips with you, and instead steal them all for ourselves -- alas that's not really the community spirit you'd expect from us! :)


Five Tips for Feeling Fabulous

        Want to bump up your fitness technique? Choose one thing that needs improvement, and focus on it for your whole workout. For example, do you have trouble engaging your core? Pay attention to using your core above everything else. Notice how abdominal engagement affects everything you do, and notice how you feel differently when you are working correctly. This kind of focus helps train your muscles more effectively, and it helps you correct yourself more quickly in the future.

        Do you go out to eat a lot but worry about staying healthy? Look at the menu before you leave home. Take the time you need to find the dishes that work best for you. Planning ahead allows you to feel less stressed about the night, and it helps you avoid impulsive, hunger-driven choices. 

        Create a healthy ritual with friends. Do you have friends who want to be healthy as much as you do? Pick something to do together every week that keeps you accountable and also leads to a great time together! We have a group of girls who come to our cardio class every week and then all head to their favorite healthy restaurant. Great idea!

        Take time to be mindful. Do you find yourself running around like crazy? Eating on the run? Blasting through your day without breathing until the end? Chances are that you're not really cluing in to what you're really experiencing all day. Try to give yourself time to slow down and pay attention. Are you eating because you're hungry or bored? What does it feel like to experience each bite of your food? Are you really listening to the person talking to you without thinking of your next task? How is your body feeling? Taking some time to be mindful allows you to enjoy your daily moments a little better, respond to your body's signals more effectively, and have more meaningful connections with colleagues and loved ones.

        Your healthy choices should be fun!  You will never stick with health habits if you hate them. What do you love to eat, and what motivates you to exercise the most? Find healthy versions of your favorite cuisine, and take time to find the fitness class with an instructor who you love and who might play your favorite music. Let the process be just as rewarding as the outcome -- and you will realize that you start naturally craving your healthy choices every day! 

                Written by Team LuliTonix — February 05, 2015

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