• Yes. Yes. Yes and Yes. Body loving tips from one of our favorite pilates goddesses (and true beauty) Karen Lord of KLPM.

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  •   Get a good night’s rest! I dab lavender oil and German chamomile on my temples, wrists, and belly to ensure a sound sleep.  

  •  Invest in a good hydrating mist. I like ones from Caudalie and Glossier. Use it in the morning and then throughout the day whenever you need a little refresher.

  •  Always warm up before you start a workout. It can be something as simple as roll-up, but just waking up those muscles before doing any rigorous exercise helps prevent injury.


  •  Pay attention to the ingredients in the products you use. Educate yourself on the potentially harmful ingredients in everyday products like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, nail polish etc. and switch to safer alternatives when possible.

  •  Drink LuliTonix! My personal fav is the Lifetonic and it’s the perfect thing to drink during/after a workout.




    [Ahem! Other than being a total-badass pilates rockstar!]

    A true lover of life in NYC, Karen has been brought up in the fashion and music worlds and lived many a NYC dream.  Already being a photographer, model, artist, fashion stylist, and musician, with a growing list of creative passions, she has always found the one grounding element that connects it all to be movement.

    Constantly seeking whole health and betterment, Karen was prompted by a feel-good moment in a private Pilates session with her friend and mentor, and was struck with the desire "to always feel this way"- strong, connected, rooted, and very much open and alive.  Acting on that intuitive feeling she chose to pursue Pilates- her favorite pastime,  and turn it into a full time passion. She became a certified instructor through Core Pilates NYC's classical Pilates comprehensive program and opened her first studio in Manhattan's Meatpacking district soon after. Her small private space tucked away in a residential building across from the Highline was a no signage, word of mouth practice catering to her rock and roll friends, other like-minded enthusiasts, and New York's fashion Elite. Word spread fast, as did a demand for her special brand of "tough love and Pilates"- intense workouts which sculpt, define, and fine tune the physical body while creating a happier heart and mind - a full mind/body connection for the client, producing quick and serious results. 

    A need to expand, a desire to connect with more people, and a wish to create "the space I want to work out in - my dream space" caused her to close her small and mighty studio in the Meatpacking District and head downtown to TriBeCa where Karen Lord Pilates Movement is born.


    Written by Team LuliTonix — February 05, 2015

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