Get in the know with these awesome FFF tips from the amazing (and badass) team at Exceed Physical Fitness in TriBeCa.

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Catherine Rocco-- Founder/CEO

I believe in hydration inside and out. In order for your body to work, look and be it's best (and for a great workout or for a full day) it needs to be replenished constantly. I drink lemon water first thing in the am, then green tea and flat water throughout the day. I am constantly moisturizing- body and face. My favorite products are Kai, Tata Harper and Eminence. End of the day ritual is a green tea, hot shower and then load my face and body up with nice smelling products :) 


Stephanie Mulder - Manager 

Cook as much of your own food as possible (or have your significant other cook it) so you know exactly what ingredients you are putting into your body. It's pretty easy to make your own bread, almond milk, green juices, etc. And that way you avoid the preservatives and other ingredients on the label that you can't pronounce.

Read the ingredient list! Don't let the marketing on the front of the box fool you, if sugar is one if the first 3 ingredients then it's probably not "healthy. "

Exercise. All the time. It's what our bodies were designed for. Are you strong enough to save yourself and your family in a physically pressing situation? (Say, carrying a child down the stairs of a burning building). If not, then get to work.

Sleep enough to let your mind and body recover from stress and fatigue. 

Kelly Obrien - Instructor

Morning: On Sundays I make a big bowl of grains and fruit that I can eat all week. I mix equal parts steel cut oats and quinoa (1 cup each) with 4 cups of almond or coconut milk; bring it to a boil, then turn the heat down to medium/low and let it simmer. I then dump a bag of organic frozen berries in (usually a mix of blueberries, cherries, strawberries and raspberries).  It keeps me full until lunch and costs roughly $1 per serving - delicious and affordable! Based on my mood, I'll add in unsweetened shredded coconut, cinnamon, chia seeds, nutmeg...whatever I'm feeling that week or have in my pantry. 


Favorite snack: Half of an avocado with fresh lemon or lime juice squeezed onto it, with himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top. I usually wind up eating the whole avocado.


Planning: I have a monogrammed Gallery Leather planner where I write and keep track of my monthly workouts. It helps me understand what workout combinations work best for me, and plan for pampering off days :)


Beauty: I am OBSESSED with Red Flower shampoo and conditioner. My whole apartment smells amazing after I use it and it doesn't dry out my hair - a must for double days! I like the icelandic moonflower. 

[Delish recipe & pic: Breakfast Criminals

Kyle Parker - Instructor

I start every morning with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed into a glass of water (before any food). The health benefits are endless - natural antimicrobial (kills unwanted bacteria), lowers blood sugar, helps with weight loss, cardiovascular health, anti-cancer agents, etc. 


Meaghan Ellis - Tribeca Ambassador

I could not live without my ninja mixer for Smoothies, usually green ones because I'm bad about eating veggies at home- some combination of spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, banana, chia seeds, coconut water! I usually have them at night after dinner but I'm experimenting with how to make them so they keep well overnight.

[Pssst if you don't have a ninja or vitamix (our fave) get your greens & chia in Kick!

Shannon Latimore - Tribeca Ambassador

Chia Bars and Fage 0% with pumpkin seeds, crushed almonds and a little honey are always my go to snack.​


I also LOVE making overnight oats with this delish local cereal - I always add some chia seeds, honey and use almond milk.


Written by Team LuliTonix — February 05, 2015

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