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I don’t know about you, but I love feeling amazing. In fact, I started I.AM.YOU. so that I could offer a 360 degree toolkit of feeling fab tips for real, everyday life, no matter what life brings on.

Feeling great and being great does not have to be complicated. It does have to be realistic and doable. Here are my go-to feel fab tips. Use them as you need, whenever you need them, and I know you will not only feel amazing, but be amazing, too.


      I grew up in Cali, where exercise was a no questions asked daily. Think of sweating it out like you do brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Make it a regular thing and you will almost always feel fab.



          My dad used to tell us that whatever position our face was in would dictate our day. Smile, and things will look, feel, and go up. Frown, and be ready for a down day. On really bad days, force yourself to smile, just once, and you will almost immediately feel a shift inside and out.



              I have never been the biggest sleeper, able to survive on under five hours for my entire Wall Street career and the first years of entrepreneurship. But sleep is the single most important ingredient to tangible and intangible wellness. Block out one morning a week when you can sleep in without an alarm clock. I recommend Saturday so you do not have problems falling asleep Sunday night. Think of it as recharging your batteries.



                  Food is your fuel and your medicine. Feed your body what it needs to be strong and energetic on a cellular level and feeling amazing will come naturally. Make sure you mix raw and cooked foods, nutrient packed protein like eggs or beef, and, of course, 60-80% vegetables daily.

                  [Side note from LuliTonix: Blended Greens are a great (and quick) way to get an abundance of dark leafy greens, healthy fats and fiber into your diet, without (too much) chewing]

                    Be You

                      Everything you want to be is already inside you, within the framework that makes up who you already are. You just need to be it. It is tough to feel fab when you are trying to be someone you are not. So, believe in who you are and then go conquer the day, and world, from there.




                      Lauren Imparato is the founder and director of I.AM.YOU., a wellness lifestyle brand based on Yoga, Nourishment, Mindset and Music. At the NYC flagship studio and around the globe, Lauren teaches intense, fun, and athletic Vinyasa classes, each set to a unique MusicMix designed by I.AM.YOU.'s Resident Mixologist, as well as speaks, writes and consults on leadership, wellness, mindfulness and life. She also is the creator of DETOX to RETOX. Prior to launching I.AM.YOU., Lauren worked on the Wall Street trading floors of Morgan Stanley for over 7 years. Lauren has been featured in Vogue, the Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, The Financial Times, Bloomberg News, Jezebel, and countless other publications for her straight up, real approach to yoga, health, and wellness. You can practice yoga with her from home with I.AM.YOU. online videos. Her first book is due out with Penguin in 2015.

                      [Lauren is just so badass, we love her!] 


                      Written by Team LuliTonix — February 09, 2015

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