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Let's be honest, some days you wake up feeling like Beyonce, other days it takes a little coaxing. With the busy lives we all lead, doing all the things we can to stay more busy, more often - sometimes it helps to refocus and come back to yourself, rediscovering all the dopeness within. Here are a few of our steadfast tips to feel FA-BO-LO-US.

    Drink water, and lots of it.

      It may not be revolutionary but surprise, surprise that's because it works. Wake up, drink water (with lemon!). and then keep drinking, all day. Get a good clean water bottle and refill to your heart’s desire.  Your energy, mood, skin, and well, pretty much all of your vital organs will thank you.

        10 minutes each day with no stimulation.

          Sure, we’re yogis so yeah, we’re into this kinda thing. Luckily science backs us up on this one too. Unplug, shut down, quiet down. 10 minutes a day of nothing but breath can make all the difference, not only in your mood, but meditation can also quite literally help repair your brain cells! Take it where you can get it, and then hone in, listen up, breathe deeply and listen. Trust us, you wont miss anything. And don't worry, all the world will still be there when you decide its time to re-engage.

            Find things you enjoy that you aren’t worried about being good at.

              Why so serious? Find some fun things that don't include emails or perceived obligatory calorie burning. Head to a neighborhood comic meetup, take an herbology class, go dancing, make homemade chocolate, go to one of those trampoline gyms and bounce off the walls for a few hours. Let go, have fun and laugh at yourself.

                Have a conversation each day where you only talk about ideas (and not other people).

                  Look for those opportunities to join the conversation without an agenda. Maybe its a nightly ritual over dinner or instead of water cooler chit-chat, but explore the idea that you and everyone else might have some new, eye opening contributions to share. Skip the gossip and things that don’t impact you directly and instead delve into where your mind wanders and let the inspiration and conversation flow.

                    Move! Walk, yoga, skip, dance, run, play fetch, chase your kids (or let them chase you).

                      Netflix may be one of technology’s greatest gifts but don’t worry, it will always know what episode you left off on. Go for a walk during lunch, set aside some time for your yoga practice, grab the leash. Often the hardest part is showing up, getting up and getting going, but luckily sometimes all that you really need is to do just that - show up, get going and get physical.




                      Carling Harps

                      Carling is trained by Annie Carpenter in a harmonious Vinyasa blend of Iyengar & Ashtanga yoga. Having studied anatomy, nutrition, labor and birth, Carling’s classes are informed by our body’s architecture and development. She aims to provide students with both progression and a life long yoga practice. As a balance to her regular classes, Carling is trained as a Doula and specializes in prenatal yoga. Carling also shares her passions for health and wellness through nutritional counseling and private yoga sessions.



                      Patrick Beach

                      Patrick teaches vigorous vinyasa classes that emphasize building strength, creating flexibility, cultivating mind-body awareness, and learning to float. His classes are a fluid mix of longer holds and crafty flows that forge a deep mind-body connection. Patrick’s caring and intelligent teaching style makes yoga relatable for all levels of modern-day students.


                      Find out more about Patrick + Carling Yoga


                      [Pssst! Patrick's favorite LT blends are CHIA X and Lifetonic]



                      Written by Guest Blogger — February 10, 2015

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