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We LOVE chocolate. LOVE. And the great news is - it actually loves you back. Chocolate contains substances that help induce feelings of happiness, well being, relaxation, attraction - even love <3.

This delicious raw chocolate requires zero baking and uses metabolism-revving add-ins like adaptogenic uberfood maca to fire up the libido, goldenberries (protein, fiber, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, phosphorous... to name but a few benefits), and cacao for that oh-so-yum chocolate taste, antioxidants and energy! (not to mention it's SO EASY to make!)

1 cup raw cacao
½ cup cacao nibs
¼-½ cups coconut butter
3 tbsp. maca 
1 tbsp. dried mulberries &/or golden berries 
1 tbsp. almonds
1-2 tsp. coarse pink salt
⅓ cup coconut sugar

Directions: Mix all ingredients together until you get a toothpaste-like consistency. Pour onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper (or you can lightly oil the pan with coconut oil to prevent sticking). Chill in the freezer for 15 minutes.

EAT IT ALL. Just kidding... (sort of).

Store in fridge :) xo

Written by Team LuliTonix — February 10, 2015

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