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DANCE OUT IN LOVE is a silent disco Flash Mob that will take place in NYC on February 14th, 2015 where inspired organizations and individuals will combine forces to use the power of dance and love to kick off a year dedicated to bringing attention to a wide variety of issues around the world that demand change.

Get your dance on here


I'm Elana Meta and I'm on a lifelong mission to create social change through artistic expression. I collaborate with artists around the world to work on projects that focus on stepping out of our comfort zones to create something new and beautiful. 

I've created a love mob of professionals and I’m confident in our ability to make DANCE OUT IN LOVE a powerful tool for change. I'm ready to take my dance around the world spreading the message of movement, individual empowerment and self expression. 

I'm performance artist, choreographer, and founder of META Method and the performance art company LOUDSol.

Written by Guest Blogger — February 10, 2015

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