Sian is an absolute rockstar and complete badass. As one of the founders of MIO skincare, she's all about fit skin. Quite honestly, Sian could kick anyone's butt in a workout class - she lives and breathes "fit". For example, more often than not we'll catch up with Sian straight off her red eye from London into a Lyon's Den Yoga class, COC or SoulCycle, to an event, back to another pre red eye sweat session -- no joke! And so we had to ask this fierce lady what her 5 tips for feeling fab were (and obviously SWEAT is a must!).

Enjoy xo

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1. Get Outside

Doesn’t matter if the sky is blue or grey, there is nothing like proper fresh air for lifting your spirits.  Too much stuffy air and shallow breathing just isn’t good for anyone. 

2.  Ride a Bike

This follows on from ‘Get Outside’. Trust me, nothing makes you feel young and crazy like free-wheeling, hoping the brakes won’t fail. I cycle round London every day - nippy in traffic, no parking dramas, only slightly dodgy post-beanie hair.

3.  Dance

I just love dancing - crazy silly dancing to my own beat. Sometimes my mate Rhonda and I sneak out late for a quick couple of hours to just have a ball dancing big-time in cheesy clubs. 

And now I have my Top Shop Glow trainers (with little blue lights coming out of the soles), I am a serious dancing queen. 

4.  Stop Staring...

at YOURSELF - and finding fault.  Doesn’t make you feel good. We have very poor lighting in our bathroom and I am never going to change it - why do I want to pour over every pore and wrinkle when there is so much more to life?   I am quite often surprised at how I actually look, because in my own head it is totally different (like 15 years different!). Who really cares?

5. Eat for your body not your mouth

I say this but quite often don’t actually follow this little tip (as I reach for the second Chili Margherita, with large scoop of guac), but if only we really listened to our body’s instead of just gratifying our taste-buds. It is that simple.  What does your body really want? You always know the right answer.


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Sian Sutherland is Chief Founder of Mio Skincare and Mama Mio Skincare, created in London and made in New York. The Mio goal is to give women fit skin for life - strong, firm, toned skin that glows with health and energy; skin that can cope with all the challenges of life. Sian, 53, lives in London with her husband Christian and their 6’5” sons, Tom and Charlie (her proudest achievements). She is a keen basketball player with her team, The Badabings; is never afraid of neon or sparkle; and has a growing collection of high-tops. Her vices are chili margaritas and regular mini-breaks to the Greek Islands. 


Written by Team LuliTonix — March 10, 2015

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