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At Bluming Studio - the original Williamsburg pilates studio - the focus is on individual instruction in a fun community environment. We sat down with namesake and director Elisa Bluming to solicit some advice for a fit + fab life.

Enjoy, XO

Find your inner starfish and take it with you

The idea of mind/body focus should not be limited to pilates or yoga class. Make sure to think about your posture and body connection during all of your activities, from skiing to working at your computer. Imagine your body as a starfish where the center point is at the solarplexis with the head and limbs representing all 5 points radiating from the center. You will instantly feel your posture change and become more supported!

Be a ready explorer

The main reason injuries occur when trying new fitness crazes is due to lack of preparedness. Fitness trends will come and go but maintaining a core strengthening body balancing practice such as Pilates and Gyrotonic will help ready you for new challenges and keep you injury free.

Spirals and squares

Physics and Geometry - mix it up to balance out. Make sure to mix up the types of activities you do to avoid putting repeated stress on the body. For instance, if you sit at a desk all day, heavy cycling/spinning workouts may reinforce the tightness sitting causes in the hips. Mix in a different cardio activity like swimming to work the body in an elongated position. Good body mechanics depends on working opposing forces. Balance balance balance.

Savor - it's all in the details

Taking the time to nourish the body with proper food, hydration, meditation, post workout stretching/rollout (while your muscles are still warm) are just as important in seeing results as your workouts. Fitness is as much about how your body functions at rest as it does in action.

Back to school

Be your own fitness and wellness advocate - do your homework! Pay attention to what you put in and on your body. Whether it's exercise, food or personal care, educate yourself as to what will benefit your body and what may harm it.  

Spread the love

Take all of your feeling fit and fab goodness and give back to your community on a local or global level. Adding acts of gratitude to your everyday practices will be the calorie free whipped cream on the top of your wellness sundae! Treat a friend to class, adopt a pet, donate to charity, promote your neighbors businesses, volunteer - the possibilities are endless.



About Elisa

As a result of a dance injury, Elisa started doing Pilates in 1996. After a successful 10 year career in the furniture design industry and unsure if she wanted to continue, she chose to become a pilates teacher as something to fall back on. She completed her teacher training at Power Pilates under the direction of Susan Moran-Perich, Peter Roel and Pheobe Higgins, and received her certification from Physical Mind Institute in 1998. Once teaching, the job she chose as a part time back up quickly became a passion and Elisa left the furniture design industry to teach full-time and eventually open her own studio. Her industry experience includes: Senior Instructor at Power Pilates NYC, Associate Director of Body Tonic, Inc. and Director of Pilates at Clay. Her workouts and client results have been featured on several occasions in Pilates Style magazine and she has received "best of " status from and Time Out NY magazine. Elisa's contributing background also includes Gyrotonic ®, anatomy training with Irene Dowde, Prenatal and Postpartum fitness, African, Brazilian and Modern dance; all of which greatly influence her teaching and understanding of movement. Her many years of design and building have given her what many clients refer to as her "x-ray vision".


Written by Team LuliTonix — April 13, 2015

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