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WE LOVE FIBER. Essential to weightlosshealthenergyvitality, & beauty. Fiber works like a broom, sweeping circulating fats and toxins our of your body! Fiber also stabilizes blood sugar, controlling insulin spikes, and oh-so-much-more...

Get your superfood high! Thanks to the plethora of whole dark leafy greens, fruit and super foods (think kalespinachavocadolemon, chia and adaptogenic superfoods), blends keep your body feeling energized and crash free! Thanks to you-guessed-it FIBER,  which prevents your blood sugar from spiking - one awesome benefit of cleansing with blends, is that you do not have to say no to a workout, or go into hiding until it's over. Enjoy it! Sweat, work, rest -- BREATHE, and feel more energized doing it. (Of course if staying home with blankets and movies is more your thang? - That's perfectly OK too!) 

I love feeling hungry (Said NO ONE ever!) The amazing (and honestly our favorite) thing about cleansing with blends over juice, is that you don't feel hangry ! In fact, once you get past the first day - you're pretty much flying high. Who said you can't workout on a cleanse? Take on a sweaty fitness class, drink lots of water, chug a little Chia Life and then breeze through your day - and if hunger does sneak up on you, grab a blend or half an avorules are for the football field, not body love

As if you weren't already like "sign me up!" Need we add blends are also positively teeming with enzymesvitamins & minerals (in other words - a mecca of nutrients!) Hydratingcleansinghealing, & alkalizingNourishing & rebuilding us from the cellular level on up. Every ingredient in all blends, elixirs and superfood nut mylks have been carefully chosen to best healempower & support every facet of our being.

Finally, thanks to the amazing, AMAZING, benefits of blends --i.e sans-hanger, holy mecca of nutrients, high energy and the powerful fiber broom -- blends also help boost your YAY factor! So while your body throws a gratitude party for the love & nourishment blends provide, we're all about good GOOD vibes and also enjoying what you eat too. We like to think of them as our little pause, smile, and reset button!  #LoveYourFuel AND #FuelYourLife

Ahem! And when the cleanse part is over - why not try a little Cleanse elixir with some tequila?! ... (it's all about balance after all). 




Written by Team LuliTonix — November 24, 2015


friday lynn said:

Hi Ladies,

That’s my real name, just smile the thing is that I am suffering from
Mucus in my Chest. I just want to know is there any of your juice that I can drink that will help to get the Mucus to leave my Chest
in time . love ya Friday

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