That bone-chilling air has finally hit NYC and you know what that means….time to jet! If you haven’t already planned a warm weather getaway or are feeling like one trip might not be enough to get you through the next few months, we’ve rallied a list of some of the best winter retreats out there. Not only are these the ultimate swoon-worthy destinations, but you’ll be in the company of absolute wellness goddesses! So there’ll be no lack of motivation to look and feel your best all year round this year!

P.S. don’t forget to prep for departure with a blend Cleanse!


The Class – The Retreatment

  • Dominican Republic, January 31 – February 6 (please take us!)

Yoga For Bad PeoplePick Your Fancy

  • Mexico, February 6 – 13
  • Nicaragua, February 14 – 21
  • Brazil, March 14 – 21
  • Brazil, March 21 – 28
  • Cuba, April 17 – 23
  • Ireland, June 19 – 25
  • Croatia, August 20 - 27

Yoga Shanti – Women’s Yoga Retreat

  • Tulum, March 4 - 9

Breakfast Criminals + Jaycee Gossett - The Goddess Retreat  

  • Brazil, March 6-12
Come on, as if this picture isn't enough to already make you book a ticket! Need we mention it's hosted by the insanely talented breakfast maven/goddess Ksenia Lova (aka Breakfast Criminals) and Jaycee Gossett, dancing/magical goddess from The Class, and located in BRAZIL  (...Ahem! Need we remind you -- you're very welcome to bring us too! Obviously we don't mind).

Sarah Anne Stewart and Diana Paschal - Pravassa + Yoganonymous BALI Bliss

  • Bali, March 4 -11 

You're invited to join a tribe of influencers and healers in Ubud, where you'll experience the healing powers of Bali with daily yoga, delicious food, authentic cultural experiences and adventures. Our beautiful friends Sarah Anne Stewart and Diana Paschal renowned for their artful approach to healing and cultivating prosperity have joined forces with Linden Schaffer, founder of Pravassa Wellness Travelto offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

Written by Team LuliTonix — December 11, 2015

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