Last week Lianna & Paige chatted daily life with The Sweat Life... And you guessed it, lots of BLENDS, lattes and an obsession with all things Cap Beauty! 


Lulitonix is quickly becoming one of the most popular lines of blends in NYC, for their veggie-forward smoothies with unique ingredients, and creamy life mylks — they believe in blends versus juices, for all the health benefits that come along with the meat of the fruits and veggies. Originally only available online and in select fitness studios, founder Lianna Sugarman and her Vice-Blendy (vice pres!), Paige Gregor, just opened their first brick and mortar location in Soho, so you can only imagine how crazy life has gotten for the Luli ladies recently! So what’s a Day in the Sweat Life like for Lianna and Paige? Read on…


1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Look at the clock (in dismay) to see how early it is. Chug a big glass of water with lemon. Heat up cold brew coffee and blend with coconut oil (I’m obsessed/addicted to this, pure crack.)

2. What is your go-to workout?

I’ve always been a cardio girl — I always mean to do more boot campy classes, but honestly it’s just not my thing. Lately I have been hitting the elliptical pretty hard - I like setting my own rhythm and curating my own playlist; I go at 5am (!!!) and I like that flexibility to schedule whenever works for me. I do like Soulcycle, and I need to get my ass back to Lyons Den, which is the most amazing yoga experience and workout.

3. What does a typical day of meals and snacks look like for you?

I really prefer to just drink blends/juices/nut mylks/elixirs during the day, and then eat a real dinner in the evening. It may go against what we were taught, but the light-to-heavy thing works best for me. I’ll have a couple of our blends, sometimes with an avocado if I’m really hungry, and with some extra boosts — turmeric, hibiscus, or amla. I love adaptogenic superfoods, and most days I’ll make myself a hot creamy superfood drink with cacao, medicinal mushrooms, and maca, blended with hot water, honey, and the coconut butter I get from CAP Beauty. (Which seriously is THE best coconut butter. In. The World.) In terms of eating when home, it’s lots of vegetables, which sounds a little boring, but I’m all about very rich sauces — tons of cashew cream sauces, oils, etc. I love fat. When out, I just eat what I want, pretty much.

4. What is your favorite indulgence?

Margaritas and Mexican food, particularly on the beach. And also... Pizza! Any pizza. All pizza. Oh God, Pizza.

5. What is your healthy living  philosophy? 

 Well, aside from ridiculous amounts of greens, etc, on an everyday basis? It’s all so mental/emotional. We all say it, but really just balance. Perspective. Being passionate without taking yourself, or anything else, too seriously. Going after things without being overly attached to the specifics of an outcome. Having faith in things without trying to micromanage the universe. Keeping the awareness that we don’t have the ability to see a bigger picture from where we are right now, and that infinite surprises can be around every corner. Trying to avoid judgments. Especially of yourself. Laugh, let go, don’t treat life like it’s a fucking emergency. Oh and go to the beach whenever possible!

6. Do you meditate? 

Not precisely. Basically no. It’s an ongoing intention of mine. I have been doing a lot of visualizations, meditative breathing, some guided meditation and mantras, so maybe they’re gateway drugs? There is definitely a next step to a regular practice that I want to take this year, but it’s certainly still more an aspiration than a reality.

7. What can we find in your gym bag? 

Mio gym wipesButter Elixir lip balm (the best!), Brooklyn Beach HairJosie Maran Argan Oil, and the CAPtivator energy mist by CAP Beauty. It is the most insanely addictive scent, energizes you and — apparently — boosts your magical powers (!). Also, it makes you smell really good, which is really never a bad thing. Also, breath spray, and eucalyptus essential oil — it gives this burst of energy that’s almost headrushy.

8. What is your favorite active wear brand?  

There are so many incredible ones these days! The standards of course: Lululemon, Athleta, but I love things from Outdoor VoicesLoleSweaty Betty, I’m forgetting a bunch I’m sure. But I’m a pretty low-key workout dresser. Definitely not glam.

9. What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?

Grab my cat and try to cajole him to come to bed.

10. What or who inspires you?

Courage, Courage, Courage, doing shit that scares you, and anyone who navigates the world — especially choppy waters — with kindness, grace and humor.


1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Admittedly I do NOT like waking up. I’ve just never been a morning person... So when I finally do wake myself up after hitting snooze for the 3rd time (at least), I reach for my phone and check to see if everything in our Luli-verse is functioning okay. And YES I know, this is not the right answer – I wanted to lie and say I spend ten minutes meditating and channeling the best vibes for the day ahead, but we’re all friends here – I do that AFTER I check on Luli Life. 

[and then it's time for my first M-A-T-C-H-A of the day, because i'm obsessed obsessed obsessed]

2. What is your go-to workout?

My go-to workout would be any of our amazing wellness partners! We have so many great ones, including Lyons DenBari studioShadowbox NYC, and Sangha Yoga & Sync Studio when in BK. I'm also newly obsessed with The Class

3. What does a typical day of meals and snacks look like for you?

I usually start my day with dark leafy greens, avocado, and poached eggs – sometimes with life bread, or a teff pancake – and plenty of hemp seeds. Snacks usually involve Matcha lattes or blends, and some raw nuts or a second matcha if it’s one of those days. Lunch is a salad from Sweetgreen with extra hummus, and dinner is usually warm veggies & you guessed it – more avocado. If I’m eating out, Japanese or Mediterranean are my go to (I just LOVE hummus & pita, seriously).

What is your favorite indulgence?

You mean other than hummus & pita right?

I love to make a hot chocolate every night with a dash of Chia Life (or homemade nutmylk), coconut butter, turmeric or maca, and raw honey. It satiates my sweet tooth, but in a delicious and nourishing way. Feels naughty, but is pretty darn nice.

5. What is your healthy living philosophy?

Life is about balance. Oh and breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

6. Do you meditate?

In my dreams I’m a meditation guru. In real life... I need to do some work on this.

7. What can we find in your gym bag?

So I don’t officially have a ‘gym bag’ — But in my everyday life bag (in case I do make that fitness class), I have the following: a hair tie, Cap Beauty’s captivator (I carry this EVERYWHERE!), clean clothes, and my super sound-pumping headphones. I can’t sweat without music. In fact I can’t even work or sleep without music... It’s a problem. Oh, and my tarot cards… you just never know what questions life will throw you.


8. What is your favorite active wear brand?

As I’m usually running around everywhere like a crazy banshee (is that a thing?!), I dress in yoga pants and a sweater a lot! My go-to is usually Sweaty Betty.

9. What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?

Put on the Atmospheric Calm playlist on Spotify. I like to end my day in a state of calm bliss.


10. What or who inspires you?

Living and loving in this city inspires me. It’s absolute chaos — a huge surge of hectic energy that just never seems to slow down. And yet, in all this chaos, there’s a whole lot of kindness and love. It’s kindness in chaos that inspires me most.

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Written by Team LuliTonix — February 02, 2016

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