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If you haven't noticed, we put mint in almost everything. KICK! is teeming with it, cilantro-packed CHILL! is complemented by it, basil clings to it in FRESH!; mint really can be found in all of our green blends. But, why, you ask? Well, aside from its light and refreshing flavor that, let's be honest, pairs well with just about everything, read on for all the health-supportive reasons why we use it, straight from our Ingredients page!

We've always found that we feel totally focused after enjoying one (or two) of our blends. One of the many reasons why is mint! This cooling herb naturally increases concentration and has been used for its medicinal benefits for ages. Not only will it help you get down to business, focus, and meet that deadline, but it will also help keep you awake during that snoozer of an afternoon staff meeting-- mint is a natural stimulant! And, if that wasn't reason enough to start chowing down on mint by the blender-full, let's also consider its ability to treat gastrointestinal issues, promote circulation, dissolve gallstones, treat inflammation, help with depression and fatigue, and eliminate bloating. Jackpot!

If you're interested in reading more about the health benefits of our other featured ingredients like sorrel, chard, cilantro, and black pepper, for example, click on over to our Ingredients page for a delicious digest of our go-to ingredients that we blend to perfection just for you! 

P.S. the mint in the pic above is from one of our favorite suppliers, Stokes Farm, located in Old Tappan, NJ. You can find them at the Union Square Greenmarket on Wendesdays & Saturdays or at the Tribeca Greenmarket on Saturdays.

Written by Team LuliTonix — August 12, 2013

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