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We're big fans of blending around here (duh). We may as well hook up to an IV with all that we drink, but where's the fun in that? There are some days, however, that are even more blendful than others. What are those days, you ask? The days right before I need to don a bikini and frolic through the rolling ocean waves like Bo Derek in 10 (I kid, I kid, it's probably more like this). Don't get me wrong, putting in hours upon hours in the LuliTonix Kitchen has done wonders for my biceps (those bins full of blends are heavy, dude), but effortless bikini donning requires just a little bit of extra oomph that curling gallons of KICK! just doesn't provide. I'm talking pre-beach blending 'til dinner, folks.

Blending 'til dinner is the heavens' little way of showing us that they actually give a shit. You cleanse all day with blends that are filling, satiating, deliciously taste-bud inspiring, and then, come dinner, you dine on clean, whole, vegan foods. It's cleansing bliss. No more cravings, hunger pangs, or green-juice-fasting-induced-hallucinations -- it's ridiculously simple and absolutely doable by even the most amateur of cleansers. I've been doing it since Monday in preparation for tomorrow's start to Blendy Beach House Extravaganza Week in Montauk (follow us on Instagram via @lulitonix for pics of all the blended fun) and have been stomping around LuliTonix HQ telling everyone how fan-effing-tastic I feel. Luli's doing it, too, and we thought what time more appropriate than now to do a blending 'til dinner post? Now that I've endlessly wagged my tongue without providing any actual information of value (other than the fact that I have a bit of a blending addiction), I'll leave you to Luli and Blending 'til Dinner: Part 2 for a run down of the more important info and why blending 'til dinner is such a great way to go.


Written by megan huylo — August 20, 2013

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