"Blending til dinner" is actually my preferred way of eating—beach house or no beach house, bikinis or sweats!

Now I know this flies smack in the face of a whole lot of conventional wisdom, and for years I fought my body on this—shouldn’t we eat 3 square meals a day? (NO) Isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day? (not necessarily) aren’t we supposed to be noshing on 6 small meals spread throughout the day (definitely not for me!)

The more I read voraciously about nutrition though, the more I discovered information that backed up my body's natural desires. Here are just a few factoids as to why light-to-heavy can work so well for many of us:


Bring on the night             

The body cleanses at night while we sleep. (BTW? Its ideal to actually leave 12 hours between the last meal at night and the first meal of the day so as not to interrupt your bodies cleansing abilities.) Drinking Green Blends, which are incredibly digestable, filled with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids phytonutrients,and prebiotics (so important to feed the good bacteria in your gut!), the digestion of which demands little energy from your body, is an ideal way to allow your body to carry over its necessary cleansing into the next day, while sustaining your body with the most bioavailable nutrients and essential components for health and energy.


Speed down the highway of digestive love             

Drinking green blends (and/or teas , juices, etc) makes sure you don’t cause a traffic jam in your digestive tract—the road is quick easy and free of traffic and red lights.
We want digestion to occur efficiently without taxing your bodies energy resources Eating different foods with different transit times simultaneously or throughout the day can cause improper digestion where a race car is basically trapped in rush hour traffic behind a tourist bus. Digestion gets backed up, which can result in bloating, toxicity, fatigue, weight gain, and just the general blahs.


Baby, it's you!

All that having been said, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We are all different and each of our bodies has a different optimal set of circumstances. It's important to listen to your body and to get to know the habits and rhythms that make you feel most vibrant, energetic and alive. We believe in light-to-heavy, in part because we have seen the impact it has on us, and the increased energy we enjoy when we eat that way. But maybe your body really thrives with a meal at lunch. And ultimately the way you feel is the most important thing. 


Preview of coming attractions for next week : some easy-peasy clean green recipe suggestions that are easy, cleansing and nutrient rich to make for dinner!


Have a blendy weekend!!





Written by Lianna Sugarman — August 23, 2013

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