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We're always on the look out for interesting snippets in the news about food and health. The article below is by way of the Huffington Post and discusses how our perception of bitterness is actually tied to genetics and, more specifically, how our taste buds are formed. We often hear from friends and family who find it difficult to consume lots of raw, leafy greens or other vegetables due to their sometimes bitter flavor. And, we get it, bitter isn't exactly one of the star flavors in the Standard American Diet (which may be why they call it "SAD"), though we highly encourage everyone to give going green a shot. Perhaps this study may hold a few of the answers for why some of us are more sensitive to bitter flavors than others. 

Bitter Broccoli? Genes May Be Behind Our Taste Preferences, Study Finds

P.S. Check out the slideshow at the bottom of the article, "Sneaky Ways to Eat More Greens". Smoothies, of course, being our favorite :)

Written by Team LuliTonix — September 16, 2013

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