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There are many, many reasons to throw down spinach like it's nobody's business, and we'll get to that in a second, but one of the many reasons why we love it is because of its light, mild flavor. The subtlety renders it nearly impossible to detect in blends and juices which makes spinach ideal for kids -- and adults -- who haven't quite yet jumped on the leafy green bandwagon (and this bandwagon is always looking for new recruits!). Throw a few handfuls into that strawberry banana smoothie you make for breakfast and you've got a power-packed treat to keep you going all morning long that tastes ah-may-zing.

In addition to its culinary strengths, spinach is one of the most nutritious of all the greens out there. It's super-packed with calcium, iron, vitamins C and K, folic acid, lutein, and copious amounts of insoluable fiber. You can find it by the blenderful in GLOW! and FRESH! where it really lets the flavors of the basil and ginger sing. 

Photo courtesy of Top Food Facts

Written by Team LuliTonix — October 07, 2013

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