(Note from Luli: For some time last year, Tribeca was buzzing about a super-stealth healthy and cool eatery that was to open on Warren Street. Even Tribeca Citizen, Sleuth Extraordinaire, failed to uncover much more than the location and the name of the LLC! I was excited at what this would mean for the 'hood, and felt incredibly honored when I received an email from Michelle and Gen asking for a tasting/meeting to discuss carrying Lulitonix at the cafe. Obviously, they loved the blends, I loved their point of view, really it was a big huge love fest. Their views on food and health and balance and flavor really resonated with me and vice versa. They have been the most amazing partners (and friends) to us--and it is therefore only fitting that we would feature them in our first (of many hopefully!) partner spotlights!)

Without further ado- Michelle Gauthier and Genevieve Lynch, co-owners of Mulberry & Vine!


Who: Mulberry & Vine

What: A super tasty, super healthy, fast-casual dining destination

When: Doors opened since April 2013

Where: 73 Warren Street, Tribeca


What gave birth to the M & V dream?
Michelle and I were looking for two things in our lives: first, something fulfilling to occupy ourselves as our kids were in school full-time. And second, a lunch in the neighborhood that was as delicious as it was good for us.

What do you want people to feel when they walk in?
What is more important to us is how people feel when they walk out -- and that is energized! I can't tell you how many of our customers -- or as we prefer to refer to them, new friends -- come back and tell us that after they eat at Mulberry & Vine, they never walk out feeling as though they're in a food coma and they are able to coast through their afternoon without that 3pm or 4pm low. We don't have butter or cream in our kitchen, but we do have loads of herbs and spices! By focusing on plant-based flavoring as opposed to animal-based, our food is delish without being heavy. And, eating a primarily plant-based diet means you can eat as much as you want. One of our mantras: Real Food, Big Flavor, No Dieting.

What makes LuliTonix perfect for M & V, what is your favorite LuliTonix blend, and why?
What isn't perfect about the LuliTonix M&V partnership? Riffing off of the paragraph above, we both love Michael Pollan and his 80/20 philosophy: 80% of your diet should be plant-based. We both love Mark Bittman and his Vegan Before 6 campaign. We both believe eating and drinking healthy doesn't mean skimping on taste. Finally, we both love cilantro and avocado!!

Gen: I am at this very second drinking CHILL! There is not an ingredient in it that I don't love: kale, cilantro, pineapple, mango, the umami of the lettuce, mint to brighten it up, and that yummy acid, lemon. Plus, figs to give it a little sweetness and keep me away from our gluten-free cookies!

Michelle: KICK!
Gen: Why?
Michelle: Because it's yummy!
Gen: And....  
Michelle: Because it's yummy!
Gen: Ok, thanks.
If M & V were an eighties song, which would it be?
80's? We are so not 80s. M&V and LuliTonix are all about the future. We firmly believe everyone will be eating this way in 3001. So, can we take the soundtrack from an 80s film? 2001: A Space Odyssey.

What are you excited about right now?
Fall!! We're looking forward to playing around with broccoli, squashes, and more warm braises. Also, the new LuliTonix flavors!

Written by Team LuliTonix — October 28, 2013

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