Derived from the Greek words “noos” (mind) and “tropos” meaning to turn towards, Nootropics are a growing field making use of cognitive enhancers--usually drugs, supplements, or other substances (but you know us, we are all about natural nootropics!)-- that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, focus, creativity, or motivation. 

This is a huge and growing trend, comprised mostly of drugs and stacks of supplements.

Culinary Nootropics, as we're defining it, is creating blend (and food) recipes using superfoods which optimize and stimulate brain function, as well as balancing super-herbs (oh, hey! Adaptogens) specifically known to stimulate focus, memory, and the brain in general.

Note: Since both chronic and acute stress degrade your memory, it is obviously not a surprise that a number of stress-relieving remedies are also great brain and memory tonics!

Our brand new uber green, Mind Food is a merging of an array of culinary brain enhancers (foods which among other benefits help support and stimulate different aspects of cognitive function), combined with a concentrate of 3 key adaptogens/ tonic superherbs known boost memory, focus, and oxygenate and protect the brain. :

  • Bacopa—perhaps THE brain adaptogen. Aside from being used to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress (all brain-drainers of course) it is used for neuroptotection, and binds to receptor sites to boost memory, concentration, and cognitive response time

  • Ashwaganda—boosts concentration, helps to protect against stress, fatigue and brain fog.

  • Rhodiola—stimulates energy and alertness, boosts cognition

    Culinary cognition enhancing foods inside this blend (these are the ingredients, the above are the ingredients in the “nootropic super-herb concentrate”:

  • Avocado: High-quality fats are essential to brain functioning and protection. The amazing monounsaturated fats in avocado make it a perfect brain food, as well as optimizing and making bioavailable the absorption of the brain boosting nutrients in the other ingredients.

  • Mint: We use tons of fresh mint. Filled with vitamin A and vitamin C, The mint family is said to boost brain flexibility, improving brain function and sharpening focus, reasoning, memory, and cognition.

  • Spinach/Kale—leafy greens rich in vitamin K. E, Lutein are all mega-brain boosters.

  • Turkish Figs— rich sources of vitamins and minerals that are important to protect and optimize brain functioning, including potassium, B6, and manganese


Written by Team LuliTonix — August 30, 2016

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