Supercharged Morning lemon

We’re all on the warm-lemon-water-in-the-morning train? Alkalizing and detoxifying, lemon water stimulates your liver, kickstarts your metabolism and digestion, and is the best way to start the day. Could anything be better?? 

Actually, yes! By adding a few of our other obsessions (lemon zest, and coconut oil, how do we love thee both!) we get an amplified lemon morning tonic!

What you may not know: most of the nutrients of the lemon are in the pith (the white part) and the rind. And so, the pith and the peel of the lemon is a rich source of protective and cleansing flavonoids, and coconut oil further stimulates our organs to cleanse and release toxicity, as well as nourishing our brain, energizing us, and providing clean fuel to start the day

Basically take: 

  • 1 Organic lemon (in this case, its really important to go organic, because otherwise we’ll be ingesting all the pesticides and waxes on the skin. Ick.)

  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil (or MCT oil)

  • 16-32 ounces warm filtered water

  • Zest entire lemon, making sure to cut in to the white pith while zesting.

  • Lemon juice 

Mix the lemon juice, lemon zest and tsp of coconut oil into warm filtered water (or blend if preferred) and you're good to go! Sip / Chug / Enjoy!

...Of course, if you're a little more game, get our badass version below! 

***alternate badass version--needs good blender***

  • Pour warm water into blender. 
  • Juice lemon into blender. 
  • Pop a quarter of the whole unpeeled lemon into the vitamix with the coconut oil and blend into a frothy detox tonic

I want to say this could be in lieu of your coffee, and it could be, but.....not for us... To be completely honest we LOVE our bulletproof coffee too much, so this is just an additional stimulating energizing wellness tonic to go before we chug our morning joe. Balance, right? 

 *** Want to ramp it up further? Grab our super badass cleansing elixir to go! 

Written by Team LuliTonix — March 28, 2017

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