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Breathing and Visualizations

A pretty recent incorporation to my daily habits, is a few key visualization exercises and breathing exercises throughout the day. 

I’m pretty impatient by nature (working on it!), and these visualizations—mostly incorporating light and energy with a revolving crop of personal visual additions--are maybe 2 minutes long, and I can do them anywhere, almost at any time. 

The ritual helps keeps me calm, balanced, focused, diminishes the swirl of endless mind chatter, and helps me to widen the lens--reminding me that there is so much more in this life and world than the particulars or anxieties of one tiny moment. It keeps me grounded in my energy, tied to and aware of my connection to the earth, to the stars, and to everything that connects us, and acts as a reminder to operate as much as possible from the most authentic place inside me. 

(OK. That sounded SO much more astral than I generally sound, but what can I say? It really REALLY works.)


  • Imagine a pillar of light coming from all the way up in the sky
  • Breathe in to the count of four, imagining the light coming into your body through the crown.
  • Hold breath for the count of four, imagining the light suffusing every part of your body
  • Breathe out to the count of four, imagining the light coming down the length of your body, down into the ground, and spreading branches of light far and wide, deep in the ground.
  • Hold breath for the count of four while feeling that light from all the way up, through your body, to the branches of light.
  • Repeat as desired or needed.

Written by Lianna Sugarman — May 11, 2017

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