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60 seconds of fu$%ing brrrrrrrrrrr: [AKA: ice cold shower blast]

We don’t lie. It’s gonna be COLD.

  • Submerging ones body in ice cold water has been utilized by numerous cultures as a health amplifier and longevity tool for many years.
  • The idea of the cold shower blast (or cold plunge) features pretty regularly on any health oriented/productivity or wellness hack blog or podcast.
  • (Tony Robbins apparently has a cold plunge pool at all of his residences and won’t go a day without it. While that may be a bit…out of reach for most of us, we all have a cold knob in the shower.!)
  • Doing 30 - 60 seconds of (totally) cold water at the end of the shower makes you feel truly superpowered. The shock of cold water activates your immune system, improves circulation, increases energy and alertness, can fight depression, helps with emotional resilience, and is even said to help burn body fat! (sidenote: you also exit the shower looking glowy AF)

For me, doing something so badass in the morning (which takes a surprising amount of mental strength and discipline) gives me a triumphant high--the day has barely started and I feel I have kicked some ass already!-- and that badass-ness really can resonate through and set the pace for the day.

Note: so, yeah, there may be a little initial (or recurrent) yelping or screaming here and there, but hey. Nothing wrong with that!

Written by Lianna Sugarman — February 28, 2017

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