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['Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special' more here]

And we totally dig it! Whether you're heading out and about, or staying in on a date -- Hygge can be referred to as another form of SELF CARE -- and those that know us well, know we're all about it!

Our 5 tips for Hygge

  1. Treat it as a staycation: Download some yummy recipes, head to your local bodega or farmers market to stock up on ingredients [pssst! picking rainbow colored fruits and veggies help boost endorphins [plus provide fundamental nutrients needed to ensure optimal nutrition. BOOYEAH!]
  2. Make it FUN: if you're not into the 'body' stuff like face masks, long hot baths, beauty maintenance (ahem!) then screw it -- open a bottle of wine while you cook [or a booze-free elixir], put on some tunes [we're digging this playlist] and make a mess! --or do both [hello avocado to the face]
  3. Call a friend: Or have them over, that works too. Remember the days when we used to actually use the phone to call people? Sometimes we forget how easy it is! [sorry, mom!]
  4. Superfood Chocolate High: No nasties in this beauty -- just a sh** ton of antioxidants and libido boosting goodness -- Oh La La ---> Which brings us to number 5!
  5. Get Naked: Lots of options here, but if a long hot bath is not your thing, why not take the moment of calm and coziness, to get a little, er, cozy with yourself. Self Love, not just the physical kind (but that too, why not!), is so important:
    • Hold Space -- Place your hand on your third eye (located between your eyebrows) and the other hand above your chest in the middle (your heart chakra) to release a feeling of love and calm --- hold for around 3- 5 minutes with your eyes closed. 
    • Leave the pajamas on the floor -- naked Sundays are so in right now, not to mention another endorphin booster [with or without your SO] 
    • Sleep NAKED -- here's why [other than it feels #GoodAF] 

Oh and like all things we LOVE, stocking the fridge with some blends is always a must.

link love via WellandGood 

Written by Team LuliTonix — March 14, 2017

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