Summer is here (albeit FLYING BY), and with the cornucopia of fresh greens, herbs, and other veggies dancing around us during the season, we are getting back to our roots big time, and having so much fun mixing up our blended green smoothie games.

There is literally no addition to our diets that can make as much of a difference to your well-AF-ness as a consistent, generous and varied rotation of blended green amazingness.

We know as well as anyone though, that there are smoothie ruts we all can fall into. Ain’t nothing wrong with your kale-blueberry-protein smoothie, but hey, as humans, we’re dynamic beings and life is so much more fun with clever hacks and a little variety to stoke the flames of magic.

So, If you’re suffering from a touch of blender-weariness, here are a few of our favorite hacks to extract the maximum nutrition and enjoyment from our hot-and-heavy relationships with our blenders:

  • Drop acid: always add citrus (or some form of acid--ACV for example) to your green blends. The acidity counteracts the “greenness” that can sometimes be a bit much for people, and a bonus is that the acid actually helps us digest and assimilate better
  • Citrus peel/zest: The peel of citrus is subtly delicious and lends depth and brightness to any concoction. The peel (please use Organic!) is also highly nutritious and very cleansing.
  • Avocado: The single most important green blend hack (or lets be honest, life hack in general) brimming with nutrition, magic, and good fats, avocados in your blend/smoothie adds a delectable richness and satiety element. Bonus #1: the fat in the avocado actually helps your body to absorb the myriad benefits of the other ingredients. Bonus #2: Avocados wear any hats, and are perfect in both a sweet or savory smoothie. Which leads us to…
  • Hit the savory spot: these are Real Food blends--NOT merely “juices”-- and there are endless recipes to be alchemized for when we crave something not fruity, or are trying to limit fruit sugar intake. Avocados, again, are indispensable in this journey. An avocado, greens, some herbs, Himalayan salt, and boom! What you have is a delicious raw soup.
  • Be creative and daring with ingredients: Add some nutritional yeast if you like for B vitamins AND a delicious cheesy and “umami” flavor. Add sprouts, lettuces, radishes, tomatoes, something spicy, you name it! Throw in some olive oil, ginger, garlic, turmeric. To create an infinite variety and never leave you bored, go heavy and experiment with herbs! Not only does each have its own unique nutritional benefits, but also each one will lend a unique depth of flavor to your recipe.

Most important of all:

  • HAVE FUN! This isn’t a chore! Be creative, and inventive. As always, we believe that so much of “wellness” is about loving that with which we feed and nourish ourselves. Fun is so key to living and feeling and being Good AF:)

Written by Lianna Sugarman — July 29, 2017

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