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Daily Dose: Weekly Nourishment Program

Introducing our Daily Dose: Weekly Nourishment Programs - all with a built in discount! Why? To shake free a few habits and preconceptions, and instead make every day, just a little bit amazing...Think of it like a supplement for a balanced, and joyful life! 

We are all so conditioned to dread the working week, and to celebrate the weekend. We wish one another a happy hump day on Wednesday to celebrate that YES—another few days of our lives have passed on by! And that YAY just another few days to kill before the weekend! And granted, while our perfect day might involve more surf and less stress, we don’t want to just wish our days to go by faster. And our Mondays through Fridays occupy a lot more time than our weekends. (yep, we did really well on our math SAT’s) 

Nourishing ourselves with our blends makes us happier, makes us feel energized, strong, clean, and balanced, maybe even a little sexy, and more able to handle long days and unexpected issues that arise in our work week.