Ships Nationally. Delivers Locally in Manhattan & Brooklyn.

 Current Manhattan and Brooklyn Delivery Windows:

  •  Monday morning    7am—2pm
  •  Thursday morning   7am--2pm


Accommodating restrictions within the time window:

Please be aware that any limitation within the delivery window must be requested via email, and be aware that drinks are intended to be refrigerated upon receipt.

We completely understand that some of you get your orders delivered to the office, and that you are not necessarily at the office by 7am! We will always try to accommodate your "please arrive later than x time" request. 

However, please understand that accommodating such requests may result in stretching the end of your delivery window, due to rerouting, backtracking etc. We ask for your patience and understanding in such circumstances:)

We will need a cell number from you so that our delivery guy can call you upon arrival. Unless you have a doorman, we ask that you please come down and get your blends! Parking is near impossible in many places.

If you have a doorman, we will leave the blends in a cooler bag with the doorman. Please alert the doorman to contact you, put it in a cooler or any other special instructions. Although we deliver the blends in a cooler bag, they still need to be refrigerated as soon as possible:)

If you are hoping for a Luli delivery at a different time, and/or you fall outside of the parameters, or have any questions about alternative delivery possibilities, just shoot us an email and we will do our best to work it out! 

Alternatively you can stop in at one of our retail partners to get your Luli fix! Go here for a list of locations.