Why is life better blended? Isn't a blend the same as a juice?

No. Our Blended Greens utilize and blend the whole food—fiber and all, whereas a juice is extracted from the fruit or vegetable, leaving all the amazing fiber behind. There are benefits to each but we are (obviously!) HUGE fans and proponents of the blending. We love the sustained energy and the balanced blood sugar given by the blended whole food, and the fact that they keep you full, nourished, and satisfied. We are also great fans of fiber, which, among other things, helps to “escort” all the toxins and circulating fats OUT of your body where they belong. Equally importantly, our blends are absolutely delectable, and our craving for them helps to lessen or eliminate our desire for other, less “clean” fare. And we just love them and they make us really happy ☺

Are you organic?

We are in the process of certification, but regardless, YES--everything we source is certified organic. On some occasions we have used conventional as well as organic avocados. 

These taste amazing! I guess you don’t put that many greens in there?

Au contraire! We pack the greens in there chock full like you wouldn’t believe. We don’t mess around.

Do you HPP?

We have had both an HPP line and a non-HPP line since July 2015. However, as of August 24th, 2016, ALL of our blends will have been cold pressured/HPP processed.

There is a little separation in my drink—is that normal?

Absolutely! This is one of those cases where a little separation is a good thing. Our products are completely natural, raw and unpasteurized with no fillers or additions. Just Chill, Shake, and Drink!

What’s the best way to incorporate/enjoy LuliTonix Blends?

Order and drink a variety. Drink slowly, and remember to chew a bit as you drink it--Think about all the amazing things your cells are drinking in as you enjoy your blend. Try not to drink it with anything else—the blends are very easy to digest and assimilate, and should be enjoyed on their own.

I’m going to Santa Barbara next week and don’t think I can stand being separated from my LuliTonix. I would cancel my trip, but it IS my parent’s 40th anniversary and all…Will you send some to me?

YES! We ship nationwide. We will even throw in a couple for mom and dad;)

So I am completely addicted. Do you put crack in these or what??!

Crack? Oh yes, yes we do. But rest assured it's Organic, Gluten-Free, NON GMO crack! ;-)

Are the products gluten free and nut free?

All of our products are gluten free. We make our nutmilks in designated blenders, however all of our products are made in a facility that processes tree nuts.

Do you have a retail location?

Check back soon for our next pop-up!