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Just a few guidelines as to how we like to eat...

Always eat organic, or from farmers who practice sustainable, organic farming practices even if not certified.

Do we all know by now that we need to limit or eliminate the following?

Gluten (Quinoa pasta is delicious, and so much better for you than regular)

Dairy, especially Cow Milk. We love nut milks instead (not soy). In general if you have a yen for "real" cheese--sheep and goat cheese are much cleaner and better for you. Raw cheese is great when possible! 

Any Processed Food

White Sugar

Soft Drinks/Soda (SERIOUSLY!)

Anything with a commercial

Anything your Great Grandparents wouldn't recognize as food 

Limit Alcohol and Coffee--we love our lattes (almond milk of course!) and our Vino. But be cognizant that these are things that should be enjoyed sparingly :-)

Eat plenty of:

Greens (seriously--natures amulet)

Veggies and Fruits

Good Fats (Avocado, Nuts, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil)

CHIA! (We had to throw that in--we love Chia)


chew your food well, and whatever you are eating, really enjoy your meal. Enjoyment is incredibly important:-)

Stay Tuned: We will start putting up easy, clean delicious recipes created by the team, as well as some contributed by people we admire in the field! So Watch this space!!