What can I say? I love greens. LOVE them. I get excited walking through the Farmers Market. I love tonics, and tinctures, and my kitchen looks like a new age version of a harry potter experiment. I'm pretty obsessed with the magic of food. 

But this whole thing is all pretty recent. Food? nutrition? Tonic what? None of this interested me, (other than staying skinny), and other than my lifelong mexican food obsession, food was not really a huge interest, more like a frenemy, seducing me into downing whole pizzas and then drowning in self loathing.

When I started drinking pressed or squeezed juices some years back, when “cleansing” became mainstream, I noticed health benefits. But I drank them as medicine, inconsistently and without joy, and there was just something...lacking. I wanted to infuse my body with all the raw green goodness I was reading so much about, but I yearned for something more. Something that would excite me and engage and inspire my senses and create a passion and interest and a true lifestyle shift.

Lightening struck when I began to blend, rather than juice my greens. The blends were as delicious as they were badass. I began to crave them when I had to go without (!!!)      I was astonished at the impact and healing effect that regular inclusion of blended greens were having on my body in so many ways. And I began to detect deeper, less tangible changes. Recalibration of my cravings. Changes in my mood, my focus, and in the way I looked at the world. Changes in my perception of food, its role in my life, and toward my body. I developed an obsessive thirst (literally!) for learning about nutrition, learning about the impact that certain foods have on every facet of our bodies, learning about certain groups of food that have powers that seem truly magical. Learning about the best way to take in, to absorb them, and how they best benefit us.

The world of food was laid out to me filled with secret powers that I had never imagined, though they were right there all along, and seem so self evident to me now. I developed a healthy joy in food that had been unimaginable before. I discovered that even when I would take something in that I knew not to be the perfect thing to eat (ahem, mexican!)—that rancid morning-after guilt was completely gone.

My passion for blending and obsessive geekiness about nutrition and natural remedies have added a whole new and empowering dimension to the way I inhabit and perceive the world, and I feel so lucky. Magical is the way I view the power of raw leafy greens, of super herbs, of the synergistic power of the right foods taken in the optimal way, and, by extension, of the products I create.

Luli was my secret childhood nickname. To me “Luli” is the child within me, still so excited and powerful and curious, who hasn’t been taught fear, or limitations, or the disinclination to leap. Calling this company LuliTonix is my way of reclaiming that sense of awe and belief in miracles and magic potions. Hearing myself addressed every day as Luli ensures that I always remember.