We create super-charged raw blended greens packed with insane amounts of diverse organic leafy greens --hardcore enough to satisfy the most bad-@ss green junkie, but crave-worthy enough to seduce even the most processed of fast food fans; We also create superfood nut-mylks, loaded in plant-based protein, as well as highly potent elixirs to fuel your body, and your life! 

The Power of Raw Leafy Greens 

Cleansing. Rejuvenating. Strengthening.  A veritable panacea of protective perfection! They oxygenate our blood and alkalize our bodies.  An ideal source of bioavailable protein, calcium, magnesium and endless trace minerals, they help lower cholesterol, and regulate blood pressure. They detoxify us, nourish us, and assist with muscle strength and recovery while helping to balance our moods.  

If there is one perfect food that packs the biggest punch, one single eating addition people could make to best support their bodies and minds, raw leafy greens are IT.

Fiber, Baby!

Our amazing raw green juices are Blended. Not pressed or squeezed.

The blending process ruptures the cellular wall of the greens, releasing nutrients otherwise difficult to access. Our Blends are easily digestible, quickly assimilated, and are a Whole Food with all the fiber intact. 

We are big fans of fiber—an essential ally in keeping us healthy, keeping our digestive tract moving, and ridding our bodies of accumulated toxins. 

The Good Kind of Addiction

We want to be a part of your life every day, not just once in while.

We are your staple not just your reset button. Our beverages nourish, strengthen and rebuild our bodies every day. Life is changeable. But every day we start our day with a Blended Green is a health day balancing out the “missteps” that—lets face it—are an inextricable part of living in the world. And, life's about BALANCE after all. 

Our recipes have been carefully and artfully tweaked to create creamy, delicious and satiating drinks without compromising our strict policy on the ratio of greens to fruit. (hint: the greens are more plentiful) Our Blends are (literally!) jam-packed full of life-giving greens. We do not mess around. Nope. 


Other Products

Adaptogenic Superfood Nut-Mylks & potent Elixirs... 

Ok, we're not gonna lie. Our Blended Greens are the alpha child around here, and really the catalyst for the birth of our company! But we love our other products too!!!

Our Elixirs, and Nut-Mylks are always created with the same attention to the health amplifying properties of every ingredient, combined with an obsession to create and bring out the "yum" factor, blended with healing and rejuvenating spices, herbs and super foods.

We also offer 1 -7 day blended cleanse programs & Daily Dose Nourishment programs. Please email us with any questions or if you would like more information, or for any reason at all really! We are a young company and are constantly trying new products, adding new ingredients, and adding partners and pick up locations, so make certain to sign up so that we can send you all the latest news and developments.