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The Mini (1 Day Booster)

What you get:

This mini-cleanse is a one day version of our incredibly popular 3 day RejuveCleanse


6 amazing blends--teeming with enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Hydrating, cleansing, healing, and alkalizing. Nourishing and rebuilding us from the cellular level on up. Every blend and every ingredient has been carefully chosen to best heal, empower and support every facet of our being. And, as always, SO delicious. Because--call us crazy--we believe that the pleasure and joy we derive from truly delectable fare is such an important aspect of our health and well being. 

24 hours of ORGANIC Raw Green Blended Bliss, elixirs and superfood nut-mylks providing the perfect detoxifying, healing and nourishing boost for our bodies, minds, spirits.