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Vanilla Dreamy Chia Superfood Nut Mylk

Chia Life: superpower-chia-pudding-in-a-bottle

We seriously don’t even know where to start our gushing about CHIA LIFE.


  • cashews
  • chia seeds
  • dates
  • coconut oil
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg
  • himalayan salt
  • H2o

Raw organic cashews (soaked , of course, for optimal digestibility and nutrient absorption) are blended with just enough delicious Medjool Dates to lend the perfect amount of whole food mineral rich sweetness. Warming spiciness of Cinnamon and Nutmeg protect and supporting you with their antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, blood sugar stabilizing qualities. And the vanilla?! In addition to its reputation for helping us relax, this sweet innocent looking little bean has, apparently, as far back as the Aztecs, been considered an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant. Who knew?!

And last but very very much not least? Yup its our Alpha child-- Chia! In addition to being a "perfect protein", high in fiber and Omega 3's, Chia is the ultimate secret weapon of athletes. A hydrophilic seed, absorbing 10--12 times its weight in water, Chia offers prolonged hydration and electrolyte retention as well as increased stamina and swifter recovery.