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True Balance Cleanse [Cleanse Til Dinner]

What you get:

4 blends a day to help keep your body fuelled + nourished -- without sacrificing fun this holiday season. 

*[Nut allergy? Sub for extra green!]

    What it's about:

    Keeping balanced!

    We know how it goes.

    We know that sometimes--many times-- we want to cleanse, we WANT to feel our best, but our schedules and obligations (oh, hey Thanksgiving / Holiday season) conspire to convince us that this is just NOT the right time—but that in some day or week in the near future we will surely have the opportunity to jump off our indulgence bandwagon and devote ourselves to the well being we always mean to. And in the meantime, until then, we just kind of--let it go.

    All or nothing thinking is not our friend.

    “cleansing” is not a magic bullet, not a discrete “break” away from real life, but an ongoing process. Balance is a term bandied about a lot, and we are using it here now!

    Now no one is popular or busy enough to have 3 parties or events a day to go to, so the idea of True Balance--is to enable us to spend the majority of everyday infusing our body with raw organic blended greens and elixirs, and allowing us –if need be--to indulge in not-so-clean fare guiltlessly and without losing our sense of wellness!

    For the third meal, you're on your own. (Though we're with you in spirit of course!) If you can make it clean and green, well you're ahead of the game! But if you're off to a cocktail party, and a long dinner with friends--enjoy. It's all good. NO GUILT! Guilt and regret are as potent toxins as any other--and more insidious than many!

    Part of balance is doing away with the guilt, and regrets. We want to enjoy everything, and if that includes some culinary debauchery here or there--lets own and enjoy that too.

    Again--it's all about balance!

    Select from the scroll down menu to include a daily 2-ounce super powered fermented brew of greens and spices. Alive and teeming with probiotics that feed your microbiome  Spiked with elderberry, licorice root & green tea for even more immunity, strength, and antioxidants. 1 x daily.