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Gut Love: Probiotic Fermented Supershooter Shot

Gut Love: Probiotic Fermented Supershooter Shot


A 2-ounce super powered fermented brew of greens and spices. Alive and teeming with probiotics that feed your microbiome, and spiked with elderberry, licorice root & green tea for even more immunity, strength, and antioxidants.

There is some caffeine (about 35 mg) from the green tea, so it’s a great wake-up shot.  As we all know, probiotics are vital for all aspects of health and wellbeing, and we believe that drinking/eating our probiotics is much better than taking a pill.

This is our new fave and a true essential for all of us who want to be (even) more: alive, awake, healthy, immune, sexy, energetic, & smart. (Just saying.)

**Amp up the benefits by taking one alongside one of your favorite blends, or with a fiber-filled meal. The prebiotics in the fiber are food that feeds these vital good bacteria--so send them down with a snack to supercharge them!

PSSST! Select from the scroll down menu on each cleanse page to include 1x Supershooter daily! [for just an extra $4 per day!]