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MAIN-copy EveryDayAmazing 1 or 4 Week Nourishment Programs (Make every day just a little bit amazing)

MAIN-copy EveryDayAmazing 1 or 4 Week Nourishment Programs (Make every day just a little bit amazing)


We are all so conditioned to dread the week, and celebrate the weekend.

We wish one another a happy hump day on Wednesday to celebrate that YES—another few days of our lives have passed on by!

And granted, while our perfect day might involve more surf and less stress, we don’t want to just wish our days to go by faster. And our Mondays through Fridays occupy a lot more time than our weekends. (yep, we did really well on our math SAT’s)

We just want to feel good, feel balanced, and make every day… just a little bit amazing.

Nourishing ourselves with our blends makes us happier, makes us feel energized, strong, clean, and balanced, and more able to handle long days and unexpected issues that arise in our work week.

So in the spirit of seeing things just a little differently, and to fortify ourselves for the week ahead, we have created a celebration of Mondays. Several Cleansing, Nourishing, Mind-and-body balancing packages delivered Monday, to last the work week.

EveryDayAmazing is like that scene in dead poets society where everyone gets on the desks to see things from a different angle and in a different way (but with some Kale and Chia)

So lets change our perception, shake free a few habits and preconceptions, and embrace every day!

If you order for one week, you will receive your weekly EveryDayAmazing package next week.

If you order for the 4 week Kick-Ass Paradigm-Shift Package you will receive your blends every Monday for the next 4 weeks. (If you need to skip a week and tack it on later please indicate in special instruction box!)

We make these up for you, making sure you have diversity of blends. If you have very specific customization requests, please shoot us an email or write in special instructions box.

The date you pick is the date of your first order:)

The options:

The Classic: 1 Green Blend a day, 1 Chia Potion per day, 1 Rejuvelixir per day--15 drinks total for the week! We put it together for you, making sure you get a diverse array!
Green Me Up, Green Me Down: 2 Green Blends per day, 1 Rejuvelixir per day, 1 Chia Potion per day. (20 drinks total)
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go: 1 Chia Joe per day, 1 Green Blend per day.(10 drinks total)
Hungry Like the Wolf: 2 Varied Chia Potions per day. (10 total)
Cleanse Me Now: 1 Cleanse Rejuvelixir per day, 2 Green Blends per day (15 drinks total)