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brain food nootropic savory blended green


Got Brain? Our newest and deepest foray into our obsession with functional blends which support mood, body, beauty and brain. This cognitive amplifier is specifically alchemized to amp up those components of brain function that we feel sometimes falter in this manic, multitasking, sleepless existence--such as memory? focus? (Sound familiar?)

The Taste: semi-savory, very fresh and minty, creamy from the avocado, and with a kiss of sweetness from the Turkish figs.


  • spinach
  • avocado
  • mint
  • turkish fig
  • rhodiola
  • bacopa
  • ashwaganda
  • H2o

CALORIES: 140 FIBER: 7 grams  PROTEIN: 6 grams   

Every ingredient has been chosen for its cognition enhancing properties, and the way they work in synergy with one another. Taking it over the einstein edge is our special adaptogenic nootropic trio of rhodiola, bacopa and ashwaganda—3 adaptogenic superherbs believed to strengthen focus, memory, and general cognition. So nourish your system, focus, remember your own name, and get some great brain.