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The Rejuve


    The good news?

    You're going to love it. 3 (or 2! 4! 5! or even 7!) days of Raw, Organic, Cleansing and Satisfying Goodness. Teeming with enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Hydrating, cleansing, healing, and alkalizing. Nourishing and rebuilding us from the cellular level on up. Every ingredient has been carefully chosen to best heal, empower and support every facet of our being.

    Because we keep all the fiber in (we love fiber!), our blends feel more satisfying and you won't be left with nagging hunger.

    The bad news?

    There'll be no excuse for snottiness. We are NOT that kind of cleanse. You won't be climbing the walls, you won't be exhausted, there is no excuse for skipping the gym, and no justification for snapping at everyone. Sorry!

    Select from the scroll down menu to include a daily 2-ounce super powered fermented brew of greens and spices. Alive and teeming with probiotics that feed your micro biome  Spiked with elderberry, licorice root & green tea for even more immunity, strength, and antioxidants. 1 x daily.

        *Note: Please let us know of any food allergies ahead of time. If you are unable to eat tree nuts please contact us and we will replace the cashew based CHIA LIFE drink with another comparable potion or blend. 

        **Note: This is a sample menu. Drinks within categories may be substituted for one another based on availability